Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cowboy and Indians

Little Buckaroo is now interested in Indians. On the way home from church a few weeks ago we heard him mumbling something, we asked what he was saying and he told us that he was just talking to his friend in the trunk of the car. Of course, I was a little worried because I was afraid that one of his church friends climbed into the trunk and their parents were scouring the church looking for them. Until Little Buckaroo said, "no, mom, it is my friend Sacajawea."

Now, Little Buckaroo gets VERY into what ever he is interested in. He has been wearing his "Indian clothes" for a few weeks. Then, he said he would like to go outside and build himself an Indian home like we saw in Colorado last year (Mesa Verde).

So, off we went!

I showed him the best hill behind one of the barns (where I could open the big barn doors with a fan on me, it is HOT people!) and he got to digging.

Our hardworking cowboy jumped in to offer some assistance, cowboys and Indians are friends at our place. Notice his cowboy boots that even go with shorts.

Meet Lone Indian Buckaroo (mixing his favorites, Lone Ranger and Indians) and Muscle Man Littlest Buckaroo, yep, they made up their own Indian names. There is not much left of this hill now.

Their cousin came to visit this past weekend and of course he had to have some Indian garb. Meet White Buffalo.

As I watch my cowboy and Indian running around playing together, I am so happy to see brothers that love each other so much and can run around our place and be BOYS!

I pray that they will blaze trails, be warriors, and live lives full of adventure!

Avoiding arrows and bullets,
The Park Wife


Sage said...

How cute! Reminds me of when I was a kid living out in the country of Northeastern Iowa. My sister and I decided that one of the little bumps in the neighbor's pasture was an Indian burial spot, and we decided to dig up the body. We managed a hole about 2 feet deep, of course we found nothing but roots from the huge oak trees, and soon lost interest and wandered off to climb the pine trees or some such thing.

A few days later our dad found out and made us go back and fill in the hole as the neighbor had complained that he was afraid his cows would step in and break a leg or something.

It was fun while it lasted!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Wow!! Those kiddos sure know how to dig holes!!

Love all the pics!

Hallie :)

JB and Company said...

My boys are so jealous as we live in an apartment, no hole digging allowed here. You are one good momma to let your boys make such big holes and great memories. :)

*Lissa* said...

That is just too cute!!

Lisa J said...

Oh my gosh.....I just love it. I am still laughing and remembering how I used to play with my brother. We did stuff like that too. We were in the Calvary and our names were Bob and Bill. Our German Shepherd was really named General. And of course he was our leader. We made forts to blow up on the 4th of July, we had acorn fights, and rode horses together. Kids just don't play like that any more....well maybe they do. Horray for your children!!!!!

OKGardners said...

Love the way they play ... just like my TN grandkids do. WHat fun they have. They use their BRAINS instead of depending on BATTERIES to supply their fun.

(Read my "Bug" email and you'll know why I am cutting this short!)

(Bug-bitten) Betty in Oklahoma

Karen said...

Ha! Boys! Give 'em some shovels and cowboy boots, and they're busy all day!!

Dawn said...

My son went through this stage many moons ago!

Here's a simple way to make an indian outfit on the cheap:

Use one of your hubby's old plain white t-shirts. Cut the sleeves off. Cut the bottom hem off the shirt. Cut "fringe" all around the bottom. Slide plastic beads (just 1-3 beads per fringe will do) onto each fringe then tie a knot in the bottom of each fringe to keep the beads from sliding off. Let the kids use permenant markers or fabric paint to draw indian designs on the front and back.

Instant indian outfit! A good rainy-day-the-indians-can't-go-out-to-play craft!

Blessings! Dawn

Mommy Lion said...

How awesome to have the space to be cowboys and indians! Maybe we can come play someday too! *smile*

Train Wreck said...

Adorable! How cute those little cowboys and injuns are!! Thanks for stopping by my page! I love Mapper Snapper she has the best photos, and is so sweet!!I was so honored to have her "give" me a photo tribute!! Now I am off to check out the rest of your little parlor!!