Friday, July 18, 2008

Tyler's Masterpiece

As I have said, we took our 15-year-old nephew with us up to our land, can I hear a hooray for child labor! Oh, now we did not make him work too hard, he did not almost have a heat stroke or get eaten up by chiggers, oh wait, that is me.

We are going to have to move our campsite at our land soon to be closer to our building site. So, I told Tyler we needed a fire ring, he has experience building these so I gave him free reign. Rock is not hard to come by on our land so he started digging a circular hole and for some reason his old aunt (um, yea The Park Wife) got charged with moving all the HEAVY rocks to where we were going to build the fire ring.

It was hot, we sweated, and thankfully, we got to stay in a hotel instead of camp out in 900 degree heat. I am not going back until it cools off, really, well, O.K. if Big Buckaroo REALLY wants to go, but, I am checking into Bed & Breakfast's. It is HOT outside people! We live in the South.
This was the second layer of rocks. Do you see the huge center ones? Yes, The Park Wife carried, well drug them. I need a massage! Well, at least some chigger medication.

Tyler's Fire Ring. The boy did good! I am very proud of him, he is a great kid!

Our trip was nice, we topped it off with a visit to an extraordinarily beautiful State Park Lodge. Stay tuned I will post photos soon, really, I will.

Sorry for not posting as much, I have been busy with kiddos, family visiting, church commitments, solving world trade problems, the U.S. deficit, and on and on.

Thanks for your understanding,

The Park Wife


OKGardners said...

Of course we understand... AND you got the price of gasoline down to $3.59 a gallon in our town! You are a miracle worker ... and a Rock Mover. My GOODNESS that all looks so heavy. Take care of your back or you will suffer forever. (Do I sound like I have back trouble from time to time?)

I'm glad you are making progress at the Land. It is exciting to watch and hear the details of your efforts.

You are a happy, busy Mom and this is the best time of your life. (Believe me!)

Betty in Oklahoma

JB and Company said...

Wow! He did a fabulous job! My little Cub Scouts would love to come practice their fire building skills there.

Anonymous said...

wow...that's neat. when can the diva m and diva h and i and king w go for a marshmellow roast??? and bible reading by fire light :)

pam said...

I fell into a burning ring of fire...

oh sorry, I went all Johnny Cash on ya for a second there...

Lisa J said...

Ok, I want to know WHERE Betty got gas for $3.59, I live in OKLA and would love to find it for that price! Can she share that info with me??? Would you ask her to please!!!

You fire pit looks awesome, you did a great job of carrying those boulders over to the pit area and arranging them for the boy! His directions must have been very clear to you, I see management in his future!!! Just kidding, he did do a great job on the fire ring, (with your help!)