Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Family in Town

Last week, my mom came to visit and brought my 15-year-old nephew Tyler. We had a really nice visit and of course, all I hear from the Buckaroo's right now is "when is grandma coming back?"

My mother is an extraordinary grandma. She is the kind that actually gets on the floor with the boys and builds with Lego's and blocks, plays guns with them and lets them do, well, pretty much anything they want (within reason, grandma reason that is).

Big Buckaroo and I took Tyler with us to our land and left the boys with grandma for two days, the longest we have left them with anyone. I am still trying to straighten them out from grandma spoiling.

Tyler, my 4-wheeler riding, white water rafting nephew, took a big risk and hopped on the Go-Kart with Little Buckaroo.

"Hey, Little Buckaroo grandson, how fast can this thing go? I can't believe your parents don't make you wear a helmet!"

I know my mom played with us as kids, but I think once they have grandchildren they have used up all the "No's!" on their kids and let the grandchildren do whatever they want. Even drive you around on a Go-Kart at top 5-year-old speed.

It was a great visit, just too short. We can't wait for grandma to come back and play!

The Park Wife


*Lissa* said...

Gotta love Grandparents! Fun photos!

Lisa J said...

I am finding that this grandma thing is just wonderful. We certainly have a special place in the world. And then we have to go home!!! I try so hard to be a good grandma balanced with discipline/respect for others and yet get away with murder when appropriate! Just sent ours home today after having him for 8 days. He is planning his next trip already! I am so happy for you to have not only the visit with your mom, but also the nephew. I hope they live close enough to come back again real soon.

OKGardners said...

What a fun visit for everyone. I think it is that Grandmas figure out what is most important to say "no" to and not ride kids all the time with rules and regulations.

They still know that "no" needs to be said to protect the little ones and household items, but other than that - let the kids be kids!

Hope you got a lot done at your land with Tyler's help.

Love to all,
Betty in Oklahoma

Mommy Lion said...

So glad you are back! I bet your nephew had tons of fun with you guys!

Anonymous said...

well well...i expect a go kart ride next time I come in :O) looks like fun!! Love ya'll!

Valarie said...

I love that you Mom was riding in the Go Cart that is great!!! She is a good Grandma. :)

pam said...

I have an older nephew named Tyler who my son adores. Yep, we are kindred spirits. We just keep finding things we have in common. Love when you post the go kart photos. The Boy wants one!