Friday, October 31, 2008

A Busy, Fun Week

We have had a busy, fun week and it is not over yet! First, I became a soccer mom this week. Now, there was a recruitment effort about 6 years ago before Little Buckaroo was born, but I held off and have now done a feet first or soccer ball tattoo first dive right in.

Little Buckaroo is having a blast and is pretty good too (I know all moms think that). I am coaching and love these kids, they are all good kids that listen well and their main goal in life is fun, a great lesson for me.

Then, there was Fall Festival at church Wednesday night. The boys went as soldiers who marched around Jericho, I never know what Little Buckaroo is going to come up with. I do over-indulge on the imagination as he has a lot of outfits to dress up in an imagine, from soldiers to Indians to cowboys, oh, and throw in a ninja and fireman. I did have to draw the line as I was making their outfits and Little Buckaroo thought that I really needed to go as Rahab, um... I would be the talk of AWANA if I went as a harlot, so I just went as The Park Wife/AWANA leader.

Of course, there was a little school work. We made paper mache dinosaur heads. I am still cleaning the paint up.

Little Buckaroo and I were snuggling one afternoon and we flipped on the t.v. and saw the underwater exploration of the Titanic. Little Buckaroo started asking a zillion questions and is now obsessed with the boat, the dynamics of it sinking and the people aboard. So, we went to the library (I love homeschooling) and got a book. I walked into the living room and found this! A Lego Titanic.

Now, the week is not over yet, it is Civil War Weekend at the Park so we will be going to meet up with a large number of homeschoolers and have some learning fun, the South will rise again!!!
A little relaxing before the big Civil War Weekend was in order. So, Little Buckaroo in his fun, creative mind could not just get in the tub, he had to make it his very own New Orleans Spa. Le bon temps roule!

And, finally, for all of you Tonto fans out there who have been nervous that she went to the slaughter house--- she is still in the pasture here but has been adopted by a nice man who has a farm about 15 minutes from us. She is going to get to be a mommy and live out her days on green grass at a nice farm.
Have a wonderful weekend,
The Park Wife


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Yeah for TONTO!! I was soooooo worried!

Hallie :)

Lisa J said...

I too was a soccer and had never played the game. Yet we won many games. I was just lucky! You have sure been busy with all your activities. Glad you are able to keep up the pace, me? I would have been worn out by now! Have a wonderful and safe day. Let me know when the leaves are turning in your area, I might be tempted to make a weekend run over there!

Mommy Lion said...

WOW!!! You are SO busy! I'm not sure how you keep up with those inquiring minds! *wink*

Keep up the great work! I'm looking forward to seeing pics from the civil war festivities!

OKGardners said...

I love EACH and EVERY picture. Those boys are really best friends forever! Loved the stories you wrote about their activities. (I previously coached soccer, baseball, basketball, and football thru the YMCA. It was a very fun time in my kids' lives. Cherish every moment!

Tonto has REALLY grown! Thanks for catching us up on your current activities.

Betty in Oklahoma

Valarie said...

You really have had a a busy week! I am glad and sad for Tonto. :( Will we ever see her again??

m~ said...

And I thought my week was busy. We want to see a picture of the soccer ball tat!
Oh, we had a blast Friday. My kids can't stop talking about blood letting and artillery firing. I just wish I could get them to march as well as the drill instructor did. Hope you'll post some pictures.