Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Seek Truth, Then Vote on November 4.

"What America needs is spiritual renewal and reconciliation--- first, man with God, and then man with man." - Ronald Reagan, 1976

This is an excellent video about the sacredness of life. It's only about 4 minutes long. Take the time to cut through the rhetoric and seek truth about the character and beliefs of each of the candidates.

The Park Wife

Disclaimer: I am perfectly aware that there are supporters of both candidates that read my blog and I appreciate you stopping by, we can all have our opinions and still be friends. I am happy to debate issues with you, but please stand up for what you believe and not make an "Anonymous" comment. Thanks.
May God Bless America!


Anonymous said...

If we refuse to stand up for what is right then woe to us for what we get. Life is precious in the sight of our our Lord Jesus Christ. We will have to stand before Him and answer to our choices in this life.
Deborah Weishaar

Valarie said...

This absolutely makes me sick to think about. How heartless he can be. A baby is NOT and NEVER will be a mistake.

Valarie said...

On a different note, I booed you, if you want to play come and see.

beckyjomama said...

"Punished with a baby"?!?!?!


A child is not EVER a punishment, a result of a lapse in judgement, possibly. But that lapse was YOURS, not the baby's. And the act that Sen. Obama is speaking of does not punish the mother, but the baby.

I can give you a list of up to 10 families right this moment who would GLADLY accept that "mistake" into a warm loving and forever home where the child will find love, acceptance and LIFE. And where they will also learn that mistakes are natural, and living with the consequences a must to learn from them. But, and I say it again, that error was in YOUR action, not in the resulting child.

This is just one more reason - in a list so long I cannot contain it herein - that Sen. Obama will most certainly NOT get my vote. And why he should not get the vote of any moral, upstanding and Christian voter.

It is time for the Christians to take a stand, before they take our right to do so away.

Dawn said...

There are so many issues facing voters in this election: the war, finances, taxes, etc.

However, if none of those other issues existed the issue of abortion would be enough to guide my decision.

A baby = mistake/punishment???

Oh, my. How long will God hold back His wrath on our nation???

Blessings upon you for your boldness to use your voice in blogging as the voice of the unheard!!!

Anonymous said...

You said "How long will God hold back His wrath on our nation???" Maybe we should all take notice of the fact that we have made money our God and his wrath is already starting with our economic downfall. Just a thought.

Sage said...

There is no way Obama will get my vote, and it's totally because of his views on life. A baby is not a mistake or a punishment. A baby is a gift from God.

Your first commenter said "We will have to stand before Him and answer to our choices in this life." And beckyjomama said "It is time for the Christians to take a stand, before they take our right to do so away." I completely agree with both of them.

Lisa J said...

I have said before I am very fearful where our nation is headed. If you really want McCain to win, you have got to get out there and vote and talk to people about why. I truly am afraid that come next week, America is going to be in for a very rude awakening. He --Obama, talks a very good talk, he is very good with his words, and his ideas, for some reason the citizens of this nation are taken in by a smooth talker. I think God is already very disappointed with our great nation. We have turned out back on Him and I know He will turn His back on many soon. I just wish people could see and understand what they are doing. We had better stand up, and stand up tall for what we believe in. Time is ticking!!!!

A glance at my world said...

beckyjomama- Amen.

OKGardners said...

Each of you made such good points, I will add nothing further. Thanks for doing the right thing regarding this vote.

Betty in Oklahoma

OneCowgirl said...

Obama blames farmers for health care costs......post this one too!