Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mud Slinging

The Park Wife Political Informer here. Let's just say the debate wore me out, almost made me pick up a Dr. Pepper (I gave them up AGAIN) in frustration.
So, to continue educating you on the ins and outs of the politics that effect our lives, well my life in this instance, let me tell you about mudslinging.
If you don’t understand what political mudslinging is about, all you have to do is compare television ads or watch a debate. It seems that candidates should spend more time expounding on their own principles and platforms, instead of trying to convince voters that they aren’t quite as bad as the opponent. Many candidates attack not only each other’s issues, but also attack each other on a very personal level.

So, in the hopes that I will not be the target of one of my readers who does not agree with me on the Presidential election (McCain-Palin 08), I am going to retreat into my own little Park world and enjoy the mudslinging around here!

Boys + mud = tons of fun
Sling on guys!!!!!

Unfortunately for Lucky, he was not too lucky. I think he is feeling some of the candidates pain.

Please pray for the upcoming election and for all those involved.

May God Bless America,
The Park Wife


Valarie said...

Now that is the best type of mud slinging :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! Thank you for the education! No wonder my nephews are the smartest little boys in the whole entire world :o) Hope to see ya'll soon!

OKGardners said...

Clean Mud Slinging!
That's the way to go!

Betty in OK

Dawn said...

Your mud slinging sure beats the rest that is going on right now! And your boys are much, much cuter in the process.


Lisa J said...

Oh I love that kind of mud slinging. And loved the shorts, smart move on your part. Just hose them down outside when they get in too deep into the mud slinging stuff.

Memaw's memories said...

I think what the little buckaroos is slinging is much better than what the politicians are throwing.

I've just about had it with these guys and may vote for someone from the independant, or green tickets.

I'm to the point that I don't believe what either of them are saying they are going to do.