Monday, November 17, 2008

Homeschool Lesson "Planning"

Hello, I am The Park Wife and I am a Facebook addict (let me hear you say "hello Park Wife). Since joining Facebook, I have been back in touch with many high school friends, it is so much fun. The majority of them are amazed from growing up with me that I live on a state park where I have crazy animals, a garden and spend my days homeschooling. I am amazed most of the time I am here too! I have found that many people do not understand the homeschool thing, but it is what is right for our family.

In an effort to educate on how we homeschool (not all homeschool families do it the same way), I decided to share my lesson plan for tomorrow, well, it just popped in my head, so "lesson plan" is a bit of an exaggeration. We are relaxed homeschoolers (hey, Little Buckaroo is in Kindergarten, can read, do math better than me at times, and knows things like all the Presidents, and the dynamics of the Titanic sinking - so don't call the authorities, haha).

We are going to study Switzerland tomorrow by making Swiss fondue. Little Buckaroo will use his interactive globe to find it, and as we eat the fondue, we will discuss the lakes, valleys and mountainous Alps region. Then, for math I will teach him about the watchmakers of Geneva and about the 24-hour clock. For Language Arts and Reading, we will practice saying hello in French, Italian, and German (Switzerland's neighbors whose languages they speak). Then, we will learn about the famous Swiss scientist and explorer Bertrand Piccar, the first balloonists to circumnavigate the globe with a non-stop, non-refuelled flight. Now, that will open me up to a zillion questions and some kind of building of a hot-air balloon. Um, maybe I will just read Heidi or Swiss Family Robinson and call it good. That is why I am not a rigid, 30 minute block homeschooler, it would never work for us.

I know this is outside of the regimen and routine of a school classroom, but it is how my Little Buckaroo learns best and what works best for me. Little Buckaroo is socialized (I know, I know, that is one thing that people think instantly about homeschoolers), he can relate well with kids and can have a conversation with adults while looking them in their eyes. Plus, I enjoy my children (most of the time) so it is nice to have them around all the time. Not to say, a spa weekend would not be welcomed. This is beyond a shadow of a doubt what I am supposed to be doing and what is right for our family.

I am blessed to have a husband that supports me as a homeschool mom. Maybe I will let him reap the benefits of our Switzerland study and get him some Swiss chocolate (since he will probably have to work on the hot air balloon construction).

Ciao! or Au revoir! or Uf widerl├╝ge!
The Park Wife


Valarie said...

I think it is so cool that you can do this. I used to "not be sure" about the homeschool thing. Now I have found its like anything else. You have your good ones and bad ones. You my friend are a good one!

By the way I am on facebook if you want to try and find me or something. I would love to be your friend on there.

Dawn said...

It sounds like a fun day you have planned.

I'm on facebook, too, if you want to find me.


That lady with 6 daughters said...

Sounds like a fantastic day! Your kids are so lucky not to be stuck in a classroom all day. have fun with all that Switzerland stuff. We're making caramel popcorn and raking leaves.

Anonymous said...

What time does school start!??! I am so there! I think you are doing a wonderful job at homeschooling them. Learning is supposed to be fun (and let's face it, it's hard to make it fun when you've got to watch over 30 kids :o) You don't know how many times I have told the "What president was Ben Franklin?" story...Little Buckaroo nailed that trick question!! I have the cutest sweetest smartest nephews ever! I think that story deserves a blog! My next stop is Facebook to ask you to be my friend :O) Love ya!

pam said...

I love it. And then, when he grows up and is a successful adult someday he will come home and sweep his mommy away and take her to Switzerland to tell her thank you for teaching him such wonderful things instead of making him sit and be bored learning things he already knew with kids who eat boogers in regular Kindergarten. You rock.

OKGardners said...

WOW - it does sound like a fun day of learning. He seems smart well beyond his age and you are expanding his horizons. That is a GOOD TEACHER who can mix learning with fun. YOU are now a successful homeschooler, Mama!

Love you guys,
Betty in Oklahoma

Lisa said...

Oh that will be fun. I do like the way homeschool moms have so much flexibility. My sil did it up till this year. Trent is now in 5th grade and she is a teacher who went back to work. So it was good for them. He is not too crazy about public school this year and I bet they go back to home schooling next year. She is not crazy about teaching again. Just too much work when you have so much going with familiy !

Patriot said...

How do you choose what to study everyday? Do you have textbooks or any sort of curriculum you use? It sounds like you're doing a wonderful job - I'm just curious! I teach math at a small, Christian school, and I'm always trying to find some hands-on methods (fun methods) to teach math. If you have any good ideas or know of any resources, please let me know!

pat said...

Did I just miss the rest of your love story on how you met your park ranger or have you not completed the story? Cute blog and cute little boys! I have all grandgirls so far. Who knows the one next July could be a boy?!

m~ said...

Hi Park Wife, I'm addicted to Facebook too (as if you had noticed) What time should I bring the kids by. I want to learn about Switzerland and eat fondue too.
Actually, we are going to learn how to make soap tomorrow. Next time, however, I'm gong to do something we can eat, dang fondue sounds good!

Anonymous said... are amazing and i can attest to the fact that your family is are your children and their love for the Lord Jesus...they're ability to communicate with all people...especially adults :) you are doing INCREDIBLE job on all fronts...wife, mother, teacher and friend to me! I am thankful for you.