Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reason Number 6,425,546

that I love being Little Buckaroo's mommy.

Little Buckaroo was named President of the 4-H Cloverbuds in our area. When I told him to go get ready for the meeting he came back with slacks, a nice button-down shirt, and blazer.

The Park Wife: "Wow, you sure look nice."
Little Buckaroo: "I am the President mom, I must look like one."

I want Little Buckaroo to strive to be what God made him to be. If it is President of the United States, I will support him or if he is president of the "I wanna be an Indian or a dinosaur club", I will support him. I pray that he learns hard work and commitment to what is right and good at an early age.

I used to have a problem after jumping from the Public Relations world to mommy world, I admittedly missed the personal praise, rewards, immediate gratification of a job completed and well-done. I still struggle with it every once in a while.

But, I grow closer every day to complete contentment with the fact that when I leave this world it will not be any award or event I planned that I will be remembered for, but that I will leave behind men who know how to love the Lord, love and cherish their wives and be hard workers. If that is my legacy (and I pray it is), what a blessed life.

Going to iron President clothes,
The Park Wife


Lisa said...

Oh what an honor to iron the presidents clothes. I bet he will even let you live in the "white house" while he is in office!!!
I so love hearing about your family and what a wonderful job you are doing raising them. You are already very blessed my friend and well deserving of it!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

He's got my vote for whatever office he runs for!


OKGardners said...

What a guy! He is doing everything right. You know why? You and Big Buckaroo have taught him that way. WAY TO GO, Mom and Dad. Not everyone can be parents to a "PRESIDENT!" Keep us informed of his agenda. :-)

Betty in Oklahoma

Memaw's memories said...

Very well said. He's a real cutie.

Mommy Lion said...

LOVE IT!!! Our boys are such two peas in a pod! That sounded so much like something Little Lion would say. Congrats on your promotion to First Mommy! *wink*

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I am such a proud aunt!! Congrats Little Buckaroo! I think you are doing a wonderful job raising the two most perfect nephews! I hope one day to raise children as sweet, smart, and well-behaved as those two! I'll sure be calling for pointers one day haha!!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome. This whole post just warmed my heart. :)

Darlene said...

That's what it's all about!

And what a handsome fella he is :)

fairygodmother said...

Wow!!! How amazing are our boys? I don't ever want you to feel that need to give in to the pull to the "normal" world. Your pride & accomplishment will never be seen brighter than in those 2 wonderful men you are helping to shape through your obedience to being right where God has you placed. I, as well as many other moms I'm sure, wish that we had the opportunity to truly mold our children as you do. You are being blessed as well as being a blessing through every decision with them & I cannot wait to see them become the "presidents" that God has created them to be. They will become men of greatness.

Valarie Lea said...

He is such a handsome President!