Saturday, January 10, 2009

Second Star to the right, and straight on till morning."

This weeks creativity lesson presented by The Little Buckaroos.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Peter Pan, who decided not to grow up. So he flew away to Neverland where the pirates are.
Hook: What fun he must have had.
Wendy: Yes but he was rather lonely.
Hook: Lonely? He needed a Wendy.
Pirate: I need a Wendy.
Hook: Why a Wendy?
Wendy: He liked my stories.
Hook: What stories?
Wendy: Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty.
Hook: Love stories?
Wendy: Adventures! In which good triumphs over evil!

Captain Hook: 'Tisn't fair! I say it as though it were my last breath - it isn't fair! Pan, who and what art thou?
Peter Pan: I am youth. I am joy. I am freedom!

I have a place where dreams are born / And time is never planned. / It's not on any chart; / You must find it with your heart, / Never Never Land.

Slightly: If Hook discovers our hideout, he'll gut us.
Wendy: How dreadful!
Slightly: Oh, we live for it!

I'll teach you to jump on the wind's back, and away we go.

Peter Pan: There oughta be a fairy for every girl and boy.
Wendy: Oughta be? Isn't there?
Peter Pan: Oh, no. Children know such a lot now. Soon they don't believe. And every time a child says I don't believe in fairies, there's a fairy someplace that falls down dead.
Wendy: Though the children stayed away for many moons, the mother always left the window open for them to fly back. I do like a mother's love, don't you?

All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again,
The Park Wife


OKGardners said...

THAT is quite an imagination! Great story and pretend time.
That is the mark of a smart, creative mind. They will go far in life.

Betty in Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

Loved it.
Deb W

Darlene said...

It's so nice to see children having fun the way we did as youngsters....with our imagination. Nothing was impossible.

May I invite you to a quick visit to Stover Lane. Mary has written a post congratulating her son for his 29th year in the military. He and his son served in Iraq together. It's quite touching and I thought it might be nice if we let her know.

I'm looking forward to the next installment of the story makers!

Lisa said...

I love that your boys are so creative...and what amazes me...half the time they don't have all their clothes on!!! We might ought to watch that as they grow older!!ha ha ha ha ha...I love your boys!

Valarie Lea said...

This was so sweet!! And the buckaroos in their underoos, is to precious. :)

Mommy Lion said...

I hope they weren't out in their undies recently . . . it's COLD outside! *wink*