Monday, January 5, 2009

Resolution Waver?

The Park Wife is trying AGAIN to give up Dr. Pepper. So far, so good. But, Big Buckaroo gave me these and I am not sure if they are cheating on my Dr. Pepper addiction eradication or not.

I have not opened them yet, just drooling over the possibility that they might quench my desire to throw back a huge carbonated, high fructose corn syrup laden liquid.

For now, I am just walk around with them all daylong and ponder the possibility of Dr. Pepper fulfillment.
The Park Wife


Mommy Lion said...

I don't think it's cheating! And if you ration them right you may just be able to get through the 21 days it takes to establish a new habbit! *wink*

pam said...

They are nicotine patches ;)

We visited the Jelly Belly warehouse/tour place in Wisconsin once, and they told us no photos while on the tour. So, I waited patiently while we drove in the little train thing. When the lady said, "That concludes our tour," I snapped a photo of the giant jelly beans hanging from the ceiling. Now, the phrase, "That concludes our tour," told me, tour is over right? I can take pictures?! Well, NO! I got in trouble. I got yelled at! So, my Jelly Belly memories are forever marred. But, I also am a fan of the Pepper, having visited all the stuff in Texas and such, but I did go off the sauce myself. It can be done. I send you well wishes and hope. I only drink on special occasions now. Use the beans with caution, they are your friends.

Anonymous said...

eat one sitting! That way they won't be around to remind you of what you're missing out on hehe :O)

Valarie Lea said...

I think it will be ok, and really will they taste as good as the real thing???? They might just turn you off to the whole Dr. P thing altogether. Notice I said might. If they work and you like them and they curb your addiction, you might also try that Bonnie Bell Lip Gloss in DR. P flavor. :)

Lisa said...

Oh you poor thing. I fear the jelly beans are only going to make it worse. You give up one sugary drink for a pure sugar substitute. It is like stop smoking and start dipping! Trade one dangerous habit for another!!! Just kidding. Good luck if you really want to quit the habbit. (try diet dr pepper!, that might cure you!)

OKGardners said...

Seeing how I know you don't want to hurt Big Buckaroo's feelings, I think you should eat them. If you do about 5 per day, it will take a little while to empty the bag. You could also share them with the 3 guys you live with and they will be gone quicker.

YOU are stronger than the DP flavor. Repeat that to yourself until you believe it. :) Best wishes on breaking the habit.

Betty in Oklahoma

southernjoy said...

Dr. Pepper is my weakness, too. I made it a week without. Then I got sick with a sore throat, and I *needed* one. Isn't that just like an addict?

Ahhhh, they are SO GOOD.