Friday, January 9, 2009

Let Me Introduce You some more family and friends.

We headed South for Christmas, well, further South than we already are, yes it is possible for you Northern folks. So, let me introduce you to some more of our family.

This is Big Buckaroos dad, AKA Pops, along with his three grandsons (our boys and nephew).

This is Aunt Katie, oh, how the Buckaroos love their Aunt Katie. Now, she is a real Louisiana girl, a graduate of LSU and she loves her Tigers. She spoils her nephews, but her day is coming (hopefully in the somewhat near future) and I will repay her by spoiling her kids ROTTEN and then sending them home for her to deal with, you know what they say about payback Aunt Katie.

Look at that wonderful Buckaroo love. Little Buckaroo loves her and is excited that she is coming for a visit this weekend. I plan on sleeping in and making Aunt Katie and Uncle Greg get up with the boys, haha.

This is Aunt Rachel, is that a glow from loving on those cute boys or is there another reason???? Yea, another Buckaroo is on the way. If it is a girl, she has no chance with three older boy cousins watching out for her, she will have to join a convent just to get away from their over-protectiveness. If its a boy, GAME ON! One more Buckaroo to be in on the adventures!

Uncle David with his son Cousin Buckaroo.

This is Uncle Mickey, he is not a blood relative but a great friend of Big Buckaroos and we consider he and his family part of our family. He is a riot! He makes me laugh so hard it hurts sometimes.
This is his wonderful wife Aunt De, we let Mickey come around just so we can see De. She too spoils the Little Buckaroos like crazy.

You have met the Divas in Training on my blog before, but I had to put this picture on here so that in 20 years we can put the photo up at Little Buckaroo and the Divine Miss M's wedding, I am all about an arranged marriage here!

Unfortunately, my mom, AKA the greatest Grandma in the world according to the Buckaroos, was here for a week and I did not get the camera out, I am such a slacker. We are going to Mississippi for one of my brother's wedding next week, so I will introduce everyone to even more family soon.

We are so blessed to have many wonderful people in the lives of our children.
The Park Wife


Lisa said...

What a wonderful family. I love it when people share their family with me. I feel so much more connected. Thank you. And you would think that I would take more pictures of my family since I love photography so much. But whenever we have a family get together I dont take a single shot!

Valarie Lea said...

You do that too?? Take pictures of your kids and there future spouse to have for the wedding. ;)

OKGardners said...

I L.O.V.E. these pictures. What a happy, fun time with family and friends. Take lots of pictures along the way and you will treasure them forever. Have fun with your guests who are visiting soon.

Betty in Oklahoma

Mommy Lion said...

WOW! How did we miss out on this mini-reunion!?!?! *wink* And another buckaroo on the way!?! Pops looks great! Don't forget about plans for that get together!

Mom2Toribug said...

I was beginning to wonder where your side of the family was. Take lots of pictures with your side at the wedding so we can see them too. I loved the picture of the two little ones in their Santa hats. I wish I could take better pics like that. Have a great week.

ME said...

Your oldest and my youngest could totally pass as twins. When I saw the pj picture I did a double take. "I" my oldest even asked who was the little kid with "D". We have the exact same pj's and the boys looks so much alike. I will post our pj picture next week.


Memaw's memories said...

Great family. It's always good for the cousins to have contact. Since my son has moved back to our area, his two children and his sister's two are constant companions and love each other like crazy.