Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One of Big Buckaroo's Jobs and a Wonderful Resource

As somewhat new homeschoolers, I was amazed at the tremendous amount of resources, curriculum, etc. that there is out there that supports our chosen lifestyle. It is actually very overwhelming at times. However, I have been fortunate to come upon the right resources at the right time (amazing, huh? wonder how that happens). I handle the basic school portion of homeschooling and Big Buckaroo is the spiritual head and the fun dad project guy.

We were so happy last Fall when we received a wonderful catalog in the mail that fits right with our lifestyle, Vision Forum. The mission of Vision Forum is to rebuild Christian family culture. "They are unabashed advocates for the historic, biblical ideal for motherhood and fatherhood; rejoice in the revival of biblical education promoted through the home school movement; and dare to believe that it is still noble and virtuous to train our sons to hold the doors for our daughters. Each of our books, toys, heirlooms, or costumes on is included because, in some way, they are useful tools for parents to promote these ideals. (from their website) Little Buckaroo loves looking at the catalog (you can get a free one here) and his Christmas gift (a kids cross-bow) came from there.

There has been much talk about building around here since we are preparing to start on our cabin at our land, Little Buckaroo has been looking for opportunities to get involved. Big Buckaroo has had Little Buckaroo help him with many of his projects but decided he needed to learn building basics on a project of his own. So they got online and ordered this book from Vision Forum, How to Build Treeshouses, Huts, & Forts.

First thing was to choose a project, there were many to choose from, but the guys decided on a catapult. Oh great, I guess I will get in shape ducking and dodging.

After much sawing and nailing, I came outside to see this!!!!! See the amazed faces, it actually works!

Lucky the dog loves it, however, the boys aren't too happy when he gets the balls and does not bring them back. He is not the smartest dog.
They have had so much fun with the catapult and Little Buckaroo has already planned out his tree house that will be out behind our cabin. I can't wait for the guys to build the tree house while building many wonderful father/son memories. The catalog says it wants to encourage your children to emulate the heroic deeds of great men. Yes, that is what I want too, for them to be just like their daddy, he is one great man.
The Park Wife


Darlene said...

This is such a joy to read! This is what God had in mind when he made us. Keep up and never give up!

God bless!

Mommy Lion said...

Love it! I know Papaw would be so proud of those Buckaroos! *smile*

Did you ever come up with a name?

Dawn said...

That is just awesome!!!

Ditto Mommy Lion... name?


OKGardners said...

These boys are SO BLESSED to have two involved parents like you two. This time spent together is invaluable.

I am so sad when I see a young Mom with children in tow - with her being on her cell phone non-stop. The children try to talk with her or ask her questions, but she is "too busy" to give them a minute of her time. Those Moms will grow to regret their choice. (Just a few words of advice from a Grandma.) Give your children the time they deserve and you will not regret it. (LIKE you and Big Buckaroo do every single day.) You two are terrific examples.

Betty in Oklahoma