Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Great New Mom Present

How many of you received those adorable baby books at a baby shower? Wow, me too. And, I must say even though my boys are still little (3 & 6), most of the pages are still empty.

Now, I had the best of intentions when I received the cute little book. I sat there with a big 'ole belly dreaming of being the perfect, organized mom. Alright, reality set in fast and most of the books pages are inkless.

Now, I do feel a little bad about it because as a teenager I remember finding my baby book with many empty pages. I proceeded to sit my mother down and ask her why that had happened and who my preschool friends were and all the cute things I did, this was my history people and I felt like it was just blank, no memories, oh, I would never do that to my kids.

Never say never.

HOWEVER, when I had Littlest Buckaroo, a friend gave me this little book. (It looks big, but that is my fantastic photography skills).

It fits in my purse, even gets lost in there sometimes amongst the gum, crayons, suckers, etc. My friend told me that since Little Buckaroo was 3 and I had a newborn, this was a convenient way of writing down some of the funny and profound things they say. I was skeptical because of course I thought this was baby book gift revisited.

This did work for me! Most of the cute things the boys say are while we are in the car and I just quickly write them down. Hey, at least I don't text and drive ~ that would be because I don't text and am not going to start, I have enough technology-related obsessions (Facebook crack, for instance).
Just a few of the cute Little and Littlest Buckaroo quips:
~On the way to a friends house for dinner one evening, Big Buckaroo told Little Buckaroo that they would be having red beans and rice. Little Buckaroo said, "daddy, I don't like beans". BB said, "oh, I like red beans, white beans, brown beans." LB said, "well I like jelly beans, I like white jelly beans, red jelly beans, purple jelly beans."
~Little Buckaroo - "mommy, your cheek is delicious"
~Looking at a Bible book for kids when he was young, Little Buckaroo asked "why does Jesus have blisters on his hands?" We explained why and then he said, "when I go to Heaven, I am going to take him some bandaids so he'll feel better."
~ "Mom, do bubble bees make bubbles?"
~ "If my Mr. Potatohead fell in the street and got run over, would he be mashed potatoes?"
~ Little Buckaroo had a scraped his knee and elbow, one of my friends was over and said, "LB, what happened to your knee?" he held up his elbow and said, "it came with this."
~Dad, since you are the boss, why don't you just fire yourself?

This is a great gift idea that we will cherish when our children are older, plus use as ammunition with their girlfriends.

The Park Wife


Mom2Toribug said...

Priceless! I never received a small journal to keep in my purse but somehow had the ummph in me to jot down a few things that Tori-bug has said. I will go ahead and embarrass myself by telling one of the few things she has said. Reminder: I have 2 girls, no sons!
My Tori-bug kept putting her panties on backwards. Everyday she would put them on wrong. Every day I said, Tori-bug the big part goes in the back, not the front. Well, was getting ready for church one morning and minding my own business and she comes into my room. I don't normally wear "modern underwear", but today I had them on and she said, "Mom, the big part goes in the back. You have your panties on backwards". What could I say? :-)
I did write it down b/c I thought it was so hysterical. Now the whole world knows.

Anonymous said...

Aww...what a great idea! I'll have to get one for Rachel!

Val said...

Great to see you saving the memories - You will be very glad you did one day :-)

This Heavenly Life said...

Such a sweet idea! Love the memories you've recorded...adorable :)