Wednesday, September 2, 2009

These are a Few of My Favorite Things/Happenings from the Past Month

We have had a busy month around here with school starting, family visits, birthday parties, working on our cabin (more photos coming soon on that), the list goes on.

In my completely overwhelmed state, I, at times, forget to stop and appreciate the simple pleasures of life. I am very blessed and I think at times I get so busy that I don't delight in my blessings. So, in an effort to change that, I compiled some things from the past few weeks (minus first day of school at the lake and cabin pictures which I will post soon) that made me smile.

Lucky, whose real name is Deuce, is still alive, yes, lucky to be alive after eating 3 of our chickens. But, he has been good for a few weeks so he gets a spot on my list of favorite things. Now, that could change quickly with this dog.

Meet Long John Silver, yes we are into pirates big time! Of course our boys do not do anything half-way, they have to dress up and act out their favorite pirate adventure which happens to be Treasure Island. I am alright with that, it is a classic, can I count that is homeschooling for the day?

Oh mercy, I love me some Zapp's chips, they are delicious. They are made in Louisiana, of course, there is some great food coming out of that state. I was fortunate to have someone give me this bag of chips, it reminds me of my times in New Orleans. If I would have had a Sundrop while eating them I am not sure I would not be packing my bags and moving further South where these products are easier to obtain.

Speaking of good food, Littlest Buckaroo is into cooking big time. Yes, his brother has him cooking pirate stew most the time, but he has other specialties too. This has been a wonderful way to teach him numbers and measuring, again, can I count this as homeschooling for the day?

Cousin Buckaroo had a birthday party a couple of weeks ago and all he wanted was a Larry Boy costume. Never fear, Aunt Park Wife is here. I am all about kids being creative and imagination. He has been wearing the hat everyday and everywhere they go.
And, my most favorite thing from the past few weeks???? Grandma came for a visit and we had a ton of fun (plus she helped me deep clean my kitchen, woo hoo). The Buckaroo's love when their Grandma comes from Mississippi, she plays with them and gives into their every whim. Big Buckaroo and I like it when she is here too, I wished she lived closer! hint, hint Grandma.
Everyone stop and appreciate your blessings today!
The Park Wife


Anonymous said...

Great to see a new post with such cute buckaroos (& buckaroo cousins)! Still waiting on that crab dip recipe blog ;o) I miss ya'll already and am anxiously awaiting for that call that tells me when we get to come up there and help out with the cabin! Keep me posted! Love ya'll!

Life with the Akin Clan said...

All of the above does count for homeschooling! As long as making rockets counts as homeschooling for my kids. ;-) I hope your year goes great! I am ready to see cabin pics so I can live vicariously (did I spell that right at all?!) through you!!