Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Too Many Eggs in One Basket

Little Buckaroo's Farm Fresh Egg business is booming! Well, actually the chickens are laying like crazy and now that the Farmer's Market is closed for the season, I have a ton of eggs. We have some regular customer's, but we are getting 20 eggs a day on average, yep, 20.

Anyone want to come over for some deviled eggs, scrambled eggs, omelet, poached eggs, eggs Benedict, fried eggs, oh, the list goes on and I have the eggs for them all.

Cluck, Cluck,
The Park Wife


Anonymous said...

We've had the same problem. Too bad you can't freeze them. I guess you can make casseroles and freeze them.
Deborah W.

Marge said...

We're on our way! I'll have over easy with bacon and whole wheat toast, okay? said...

Man, those eggs are beautiful! Mine are typically porcelain white and come neatly packaged in a grocery-store carton. Boring, huh? I do try to buy organic, if that changes things! Love your blog, and look forward to reading more. What an interesting life you have! And your buckaroos are cutie-patootis. Thank you so much for stopping by The Suburban Life and leaving a comment!

Flying Squirrel Fan said...

Send some my way, I'd love some farm fresh eggs. don't forget its not just egg can make angel food cake, chocolate meringue pie however you spell that:) and egg custard. Ok, so sometimes I have a sweet tooth:) Still dont think itll use them all, but hey, its better than 20 eggs a month when you are having to feed the chickens;) and dont forget the boys need an occassional egg toss!

Lora said...

Wish I could buy some from you:) I love fresh eggs! Maybe you could make a lot of quiche and freeze it!

Thanks for coming by my blog. I notice that you live at a state park~how interesting & fun! We love to visit our state parks here in AR.