Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We Put Some Sticks on the Rocks

Cabin Progress!

The 20 beautiful rock columns were complete, so it was time to get going. I need a roof over my head people.

I have grown tired of camping out, even though I now have a small, and I mean small, camper to sleep in. I complained so much that my sweet husband bought a 1970 something trailer from our good friends, gutted it and made a queen size bed on one side and a twin on the other, that is all that fits in there. I told you it was small.

No more sleeping on an air mattress on the ground that inevitably will lose the majority of its air during the night. They really don't make those air mattresses tough enough for 2 little boys.

Big Buckaroo and his dad put the first board on and away we went. They even let me use the screw gun. Thankfully, the bits that go on those things are not that expensive because I kept stripping them.

By the end of three days (it drizzled rain the majority of the time) we had all the floor joists/girders complete and the two decks complete (this picture only shows one of the decks).

We are ready for sub-flooring which will be done this weekend by Big Buckaroo.

And, we have a barn raising, well cabin raising, planned for two weeks from now.

Everyone is invited, free food and campsite in the mountains. All you need is some muscle and cool power tools (generator provided, we are in the middle of nowhere without electricity).

Don't worry, we are not Amish so failure to attend the barn (well, cabin) raising without the best of reasons will not lead to censure within our community or my blog community since my readership dwindled dramatically when I stopped posting during the Summer, I need all three readers to stick around.

While there are some nice showering facilities, the toilet part is between you and mother nature......

Going out to buy mosquito spray,
The Park Wife


Dawn said...

That is so awesome! I can hardly wait to see you progress. Wish we lived close, we'd come help!

Don't forget to take tons of pictures.

Beth said...

I'm a new fan...found you from We Are THAT Family! After reading your blog posts, I am adding you to my favorites...hope that's okay?!! I LOVE the stone pillars that will soon be the foundation for your new home! Looking forward to seeing more!

Dawn said...

I was thinking about your cabin last night and was wondering if you've ever talked about the floor plan? Did I miss it?

Just wondering...

P.S. - Guess what my word verification is? "buckin" How appropriate for your site! LOL

Marge said...

Looking good! Wish we could head your direction and help with the cabin raising, but we need to check out the colors, or lack of, in Minnesota this next week. We're spending two days each at four different State Parks.

Hope you post lots of pictures!

the Provident Woman said...

Wow! It's looking good.

Catherine Anne said...

Thank you fot stopping in! Love your blog! Im now following you guys!