Monday, October 5, 2009

Flying the Jolly Roger

Yo Ho Ho, they are STILL into pirates. While I was in the barn working on windows for our cabin, I looked out to find the boys doing this.

I asked what they were building and was told "a pirate ship of course". Of course, what was I thinking?

We have been through dinosaurs, Peter Pan, David & Goliath, and many more phases, I am about ready for this pirate one to end. Any recommendations on what I could steer them toward next?

Then, because this is how our life is, they had to put on their pirate outfits. These kids are very creative and really get into whatever they are playing.

Abandon ship! They played outside ALL afternoon and had a blast.

And, I actually got some work done without having to get snacks, help build, find outfits, etc. As they get older, they are doing those things to take care of themselves and although I am sad they are growing so fast, it is nice. It was like Independence Day when Littlest Buckaroo learned to buckle himself in his car seat.

Who knows what I have in store today with these Buckaroos turned Buccaneers.

Swashbucklin, walking the plank, and loving my little treasures,
The Park Wife


mindy@thesuburbanlife said...

Okay, seriously, that is the cutest thing I've ever seen. My kids have been making a covered wagon out of my coffee table and a throw blanket (they've heard my stories of playing Dukes of Hazzard and driving the General Lee, a.k.a. piano bench.) Love it. Wish I had some of my old imagination back!

Anonymous said...

those are the cutest pirates I have ever seen!

Beth said...

So darn cute! My son had that same pirate outfit for halloween last year and I'm trying to talk him into wearing it again 'cause he was so adorable in it. Your kids are going to have so many wonderful memories...I love the walking the plank picture! My little pirate would love to come over to play with yours!

Brett and Jill said...

You made a comment on my blog about Pioneer Woman's book tour. I am so excited about it. I hope to see you there.

I love your blog. We have similar interests. I don't have kids yet, but we love home schoolers. My husband and I love our State Parks too!

Tracie said...

Those are some pretty creative pirates!! How cute are they!?! I am very impressed!

My daughter is in the midst of the Peter Pan phase (which also translates to a slight pirate phase as well) So, she is sitting here next to me, and after she saw the pictures she said that she wants to go to your house and play Wendy!

Thanks for stopping by!