Saturday, October 3, 2009

Who Needs Farmtown?

Last weekend, I planned to go with some friends on an overnight girl's get-a-way and believe me, I needed some getting away. Unfortunately, my snotty nose and a cough that sounded like a lung might explode at any time, held me back from going. I really did not think that the other ladies would like to listen to me blow my nose, snot too appetizing.

My incredible husband knew I was bummed (and not feeling well), so he said pack a bag, go to the nearest city (about half a hour away), get a hotel room, eat sushi, go see a movie and just relax. I obeyed, because I am so that kind of wife, and it was wonderful.

When I came home the next afternoon, I saw that the guys had built a rabbit house. The boys were so excited. I then reminded Big Buckaroo that even though we have Farmtown (I have no need to play it on Facebeook, I live it) around here, we do not even have a rabbit. He said he knew but Littlest Buckaroo really wanted one and we would make some calls and try to find one.

First place to investigate, 4-H friends. We lucked out (depending on who you ask) and found out that they were having a rabbit show at the Fair on Saturday. We went, we came home with a rabbit.

His dream came true, his very own rabbit. She has been named Muppet, Pet, Cottontail, and Bullet (from an unfortunate incident right when we got home where the dog chased her, very traumatic) so far and she has only been with us for a few hours.

I am sure he will call her a few more names before he settles on one. Hopefully it will be a female name. You may not have been around when Little Buckaroo had a baby pig named Tonto, cool name, but it was a girl.

She likes her new home that the boys built while I was out sleeping in and not cleaning up after anyone.

Welcome to Farmtown Muppet or whatever your name is. You will love it around here with the goats, horse, chickens, the crazy dog Lucky, and two little boys who will "love you and squeeze you and call you George".
Living at the crazy farm,
The Park Wife


mindy@thesuburbanlife said...

Okay, who is your husband and does he have a brother? Wait a minute...that's right. I'm already married. Never mind. But, AWESOME that he sent you away for a little "you" time. And how cute is your little buckaroo and his new bunny. Looks like a lot of fun around your place! =)

Mommy Lion said...

All right! We have got to come up for a visit ~ SOON!

Dawn said...

What a great time... for everyone!

I love your little guy's expressions - so obviously enamored with the new bunny.

Be blessed!

Val said...

I remeber Barnaby, the rabbit we had when I was about Lil Buckaroos age. Great times!

Melissa Stover said...

that's a great looking rabbit hutch. we used to raise rabbits.

Beth said...

ADORABLE!!! I love it...I will hug him and squeeze him and call him George! Too funny! Maybe you should steer little buckaroo towards calling her Georgia...

Sandy said...

Hello, and thanks for visiting me! You have a great blog too, love the creativity and fun w/your boys!