Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Cowboy Chef

Littlest Buckaroo is rough and tumble. Full of energy, goes full blast. He will probably end up being a bull rider or a Jason Bourne type of spy.

However, he loves to cook. I have indulged him because it has been a way to teach him numbers and measuring. So, for his birthday he got this.

An Easy Bake Oven! He loves it. He is on the phone sharing his news, he gets that from me.

Hey, he looks like his dad, walks like his dad, and acts like his dad. He has to get something from me. Well......... actually, he does not like to talk on the phone. He keeps his conversations very brief. This one was something like, "I got an Easy Bake oven, I got to go cook, love you, bye".

Maybe one day I will get a glimpse of something he gets from me.

Oh wait.....

A little funniness mixed in with quirkiness and drama, yea, he does get that from me. He is mine. Yea, and I have a scar to prove it too.

Between mud fights and mutton bustin', I am going to do everything I can to cultivate his love of cooking. I plan to turn all cooking over to him when he turns 10. Now, if I can teach Little Buckaroo to do laundry, I am going to have some time on my hands.

I must also point out how impressed I am with my rough, tough gun-toting park ranger for stepping out and getting the Easy Bake Oven for him. I know he picked it up and put it down about 20 times before biting the bullet and buying his son an oven. He said at least it is blue and not pink. Yea honey, whatever you need to think to make yourself feel better.

Going to look up child labor laws,
The Park Wife


mindy@thesuburbanlife said...

I remember my first Easy Bake Oven...way back in the day before "online ordering." You pretty much had the supplies it came with, you used them, and it was over. Unless you had the kind of mom who would whip up special cake mixes for you to use...I did not. Oh, the memories. =)
PS...totally loving that your Littlest Buckaroo is a chef-in-training...and really loving that your hunky Park Ranger toted that Easy Bake Oven to the checkstand. =)

The Lumberjack's Wife said...

I like your plan! I might have to adopt it!

Marge said...

Do you know that you can go online and find recipes for the Easy Bake Oven so you don't have to keep buying those mixes? I only know because my daughter bought one for her daughter for Christmas and she found the site with the recipes.

Journaling Woman said...

What a great thing! He looks like quite the little chef. I will be the second in line when he becomes a famous chef. I will leave the first spot in line for you. I'm nice like that.

fairygodmother said...

I really can't believe that Big Buck ACTUALLY purchased an item I know he called "girly" about a million and a half times prior to paying for it. Does anybody besides me remember a house of boys full of Dora before Diego came on the scene? Just a little flashback for you...

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest chef I have ever seen!!! Love ya'll!

Viki said...

You never know that Easy Bake Oven might be the start of him becoming a chef some day. Good for you and your husband for supporting his interest in cooking.