Saturday, December 19, 2009

Julie & Julia- The Park Wife's Review

Big Buckaroo went to work on our cabin in the mountains, man language for going hunting and pounding a few nails in the siding of the cabin when not hiding from Bambi with the intent to kill.

After a fun day with my friend Dore' and her Divas in Training on my Little Buckaroo's 7th birthday, I put the Buckaroos to bed and got all comfy on the couch to watch a chic flick. Whew, no shoot 'um up movies since my man is off being all manly.

Yep, I watched Julie and Julia last night. I never got to the theatre to see it, surprise.

The movie is a must see for bloggers. The Julie side of the story explores all those blogging themes you’re familiar with: the ease of blog creation, wondering if anyone is reading, the thrill of the first comment, the puzzlement of family over this “blog thing”, craving the approval of perfect strangers, the struggle at times to continue posting regularly, and the dream of a book deal (well, a book deal is not in my future, but maybe for some of my bloggity friends).

But, oh my, the blogging part is not what inspired me the most.

Now, I am not what is termed a foodie, but I love to eat, the extra weight really is not considered baby weight anymore. However, I am not a great cook and have been known to use the smoke detector as my kitchen timer...on many occasions. So, the cooking was not what inspired me either.

So, it was not the blogging and it was not the cooking. What was it?

It was Julia (oh, Meryl Streep WAS Julia). It was Julia Child's spirit, her great love for her husband, her courage, the pursuit of her dreams plus the fact that she used real butter! Julia Child began learning to cook when she was thirty-seven years old, wow, there is hope for me yet, although I am a year behind, I better get going. She started because she wanted to feed her husband Paul. She started because she’d fallen in love with great food, because she was in Paris and because she didn’t know what else to do. I can understand that, well, except for the Paris thing.

It was about doing something--- be it cooking, blogging, exercising, parenting, etc. --- brilliantly and with gusto. I love that and I want that.

Confessions time: I flip flop on so much in my life with the things I am doing, I am not sure what it is that I am passionate about (aside of my husband and kids) and what it is I do out of obligation. I ponder that often.

One of my favorite scenes is when the Child's and their friends celebrate Valentine's Day. I saw an expression of love and trust so deep and enduring and joyous and sexy that it makes most expressions of movie romance feel like whipped cream made with skim milk and Splenda.

I am blessed to have a supportive husband that just smiles and tells me to let him know where to be and what time to be there so he can support whatever it is I am doing. Plus, he adores me and still loves me passionately 10 years into our marriage, I could not ask for more in a husband.

But, I am running in circles, doing what I think should be done, not what makes me come alive. And, honestly at times, I am doing so many things at once that I am doing none of them well.

I honestly am not sure what my thing is. What I do know is that in this season I am to focus on being the best wife and mother I can be. And, hope and pray that I will find what it is that Julia found, something that made her passionate, knowledgeable, and completely fearless.

I am one of the "servantless" American housewives Julia wrote for, now if I can quit burning or serving raw meat, I will be happy. Well, actually Big Buckaroo will be very happy. I better go buy her cookbook.

Bon appetit! (said in my best Julia Child voice)
The Park Wife


Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Thanks for the review! I have yet to see and know that I would love it!

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!

KatherineAnne said...

I love that movie and their relationship is so beautiful! I love your blog. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :) I hope you have a lovely day! xo, KA

The Lumberjack's Wife said...

I totally want to see that movie! Thanks for the review.

Diva (in Demand) said...

I just watched the movie last week.....amazing that I didn't manage to see it in the theater because I am a true foodie. Watching Julia's store was so empowering to me! I did a little research on Julie Powell after watching it and was disappointed that it seemed she started the whole process to gain a little notoriety as an author (of course they fixed it up in the movie).....but in the end, I love Julia Child even more and feel so motivated! Thanks for sharing and Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

mindy@thesuburbanlife said...

Yeah! Thanks for the review...this one is definitely in my imminent viewing future! And I (like you) am not a foodie but love watching food shows. I appreciate the art, especially if someone is cooking it for me. =)

Journaling Woman said...

I will rent that movie! I love Meryl her. What a great review you wrote.

I too want to do or try everything. I can't keep up with myself.

David Buckley said...

Ahhh, don't let her fool y'all too much. I've had her cooking and once the smoke cleared the jerky came out ok...oh wait, that was sirloin :-/ ....Just kiddin Steph.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Sounds like a fun movie for bloggers. I am one of those cooks that burns it or it is raw. I am getting better though.

Michele said...

GREAT, GREAT review. I can't wait to see it. I'm going to get my hubby to add it to our blockbuster que today!

Indie said...

Thank you for that wonderful review!

I want to watch this movie with my D.I.L. and buy her the Julia Childs cookbook as a present~

Basketwebb said...

I have not yet seen the movie but have heard great reviews. I just wanted to let you know that I am a "50ish" grandma and I still am looking for the special something that I can be passionate about, (with the exception of God, my hubby, two sons/daughter-in-laws and three grandkiddo's who live many miles away.) Hopefully it will soon become apparent what my passion may be. Keep me posted on your progress!

Heather of the EO said...

I loved this movie for all the same reasons. I was so moved by both Julie and Julia chasing dreams and finding joy.

Great review! :)

Blia said...

I am new to blogging, so am just going through the "blogger's symptoms," so this movie is a definite must see. I just don't know if I would want my husband to see it with me. He'll probably compare and point out every symptom to me LOL! Thanks for sharing your review. I am following from MBC Southern Mom Bloggers and SITS. Visit if you get a chance.

Lisa said...

We went as a family to see it at the theater. That's right, my own manly park man went to see it with his girls. And liked it! The only downside was a week and a half of the small one begging for boeuf bourgiugnon, which I cannot spell without looking it up much less cook.
As for the other- Follow Your Bliss. Everything else will come. I need that advice every single day.

Carla Horne said...

Thank you Stephanie for your wonderfully well-written review! I have watched the movie three times now, in the theatre, PPV and DVR.
The Life lessons are so poignant!!

Life Lessons from the movie Julie & Julia:

1 – You’re never too old to let your light shine

2 – Some people are late bloomers

3 – Take what you know and expand on it

4 – Try something new

5 – Keep learning

6 – Be persistent

7 – Do what you enjoy – you never know who you might inspire

8 – If you feel lost, know that you are not alone. At times many of us feel that way.

9 – One seemingly small step can end up changing your life

10 – Keep doing what you enjoy – you never know who is watching, reading, or listening, that can have a positive impact on your life

11 – Everybody loves eating good cooking

12 – Have self-discipline when it comes to something you want to accomplish

13 – You can’t always do it alone. Sometimes you need help from others.

14 – You have something to give; you have something to offer this world

15 – Don’t take your loved ones for granted

16 – Have a sense of humor

17 – You are responsible for finding your own joy

18 – Don’t sit around complaining – take action!

19 – Mistakes will be made. Clean them up the best you can and keep on going.

Melissa said...

Hi there! I have a little "award" for you at my blog...