Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Rewind

The holidays flew by again this year. It seems that as you get older, the years get shorter. Here is a re-cap of our holiday.

Brothers and Best Friends:
The Buckaroo's annual matching pajama picture. I wonder how many more years they are going to let me do this? It would be great if we did this every year for the rest of their lives, adding wives and their kids, but soon they will be too cool for it. Well, and that might border on weird, trying to decide.

The Buckaroo Gang and the Princess:
It was our niece Emmalyne's first Christmas. Poor girl will not be married until she is 40 with these boy cousins around. A new baby adds such an extra magic to the holidays.

Went with a red and silver theme this year. Loving a little glitz in the country.

Family Friends:
We have some wonderful people who took us in as part of their family. And yes, they over-indulge the Buckaroos.

I am thankful that this year I have found some wonderful women in our little village who are genuinely kind, supportive, and a blast to be around.

The Presents:
One of my favorite presents is an addition to my huge cast iron collection, I am cooking up a storm. Well, I will be after I cure it (right after I clean up from the holidays, expect something by Spring, a good goal).

Buckaroo present theme for the year.... ADVENTURE. Perfect for our warriors. Now they really can run away.

Bust a Move:
Not sure if Littlest Buckaroo is dancing with his new headlamp on as a strobe light or just acting like our chickens. Either way, he is cute!

The Buckaroo's loved their gifts and were so thankful for everything they received. Really, they were genuinely appreciative, make my heart smile to watch them.
Love Is In The Air:
A sweet couple who will marry in less than four months.

And, a couple who got engaged over the holidays! Congrats Aunt Katie, your Buckaroo's love you. Welcome to the family Uncle Greg. Um...I know Katie is fabulous, but are you sure you want to marry into this family??????

Preparing for 2012:
A grandpa who is all about adventure and the outdoors. Careful Littlest Buckaroo, you'll shoot your eye out.

There was so much more, from grandma's one week visit to the many other friends who shared in our holiday celebrations to a trip to the cabin project and so much more.

Good luck with your resolution list, I am just going to use mine from last year.
It's a wonderful life,
The Park Wife


The Lumberjack's Wife said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas! Love the little dancing picture.

MrsMama said...

Beautiful memories. I love the matching flannel pjs and all the hugs. :)

Happy Mamma said...

I'm using my resolution list from last year also! 8-)

GreenLeaf said...

Ha Ha; I myself am a sucker for family traditions so I loved the pajama picture. Your friends seem great.

Lisa said...

Loved your pics- what a blessing it is to have a life full of loving people! And I say the littlest buckaroo knows his new headlamp is worth bustin a move over so both comments are correct.

Tracie said...

Great looks like a wonderful Christmas! I love the pajamas pics.....I would definitely try to make them let me do it forever with wives and kids in the future, but that's just me :)

mindy@thesuburbanlife said...

Littlest Buckaroo looked like he was getting his Mick Jagger on! Too cute. Looks like you had a blessed holiday with family and friends. So ready for the new year...and as for resolutions...pretty sure mine date back to before Y2K. =)
Mindy said...

What a beautiful family!!!

Melissa said...

I got the same exact cast iron skillet for Christmas! :) Now...if I can just learn to use it! haha Loved all of your Christmas pictures! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time!