Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dirty Work and Dirty Fun

I have been a little busy lately because at long last, the sun has been shining!

About a month ago, I started planning this seasons garden for my family and for me to sell at the farmers' market.

I love to sit and imagine the bounty. I have come a long way in the past few years, I started with a black thumb now I sell at a farmers' market. At the beginning of the season, I always envision my garden looking as beautiful and productive as Barefoot Contessa's. I am often barefoot in the garden, but that is about as far as the comparisons go.
That's Ina's garden, not mine. I knew you might be wondering, haha.

Anyway, I got a call from our postmaster (yes that happens in really small towns), well it is a lady so I guess she is our postmistress (sounds a little raunchy to me) to tell me some sweet little things that I ordered arrived from:

I have spent the past week tilling and planting. I love the smell of freshly turned dirt. I know, my old friends and my family are wondering what happened to the Southern Belle that I was 10 years ago? Even though I find it important to have my toenails painted the entire Summer (without chips ladies), I spend an enormous amount of time scrubbing the dirt stains on my feet. Priorities people. Is Southern Belle Farmer an oxymoron?

The garlic, a few varieties of lettuce, spinach, arugula, carrots, and onions are in the ground. I started my herbs indoors a while back and they are popping up. I need to get on the tomatoes soon. As you can see by the seed catalog, I am trying my hand at heirloom varieties this year.

I better go soak my feet, they are filthy (but have a very pretty pink polish on them),
The Park Wife
aka The Southern Belle Farmer


Tracie said...

I seem to recall that in Steel Magnolias Ouiser says, "old southern women are supposed to grow vegetables" ....not that I'm calling you weird....or comparing you to Shirley MacLaine

I'm just saying you are in good company....and you are making me long for spring days, cool dirt and bare feet. Nice.

MrsMama said...

How delightful! I like gardening in the Spring much more than in the heat of the Summer. I seem to putter out then, much like my plants...

Can't wait to see what you grow!

Arkansas Patti said...

After our wayward freeze a few years ago, I tend to be late rather than early to the garden.
Love Bakers Creek and have made the trip a few times. Good place for unusual seeds.
We are expecting snow this weekend so I am still with clean fingernails. Soooooon.

Valerie said...

Thanks for dropping by and commenting! I keep my toenails painted, too, but I still have a black thumb. *sigh* Maybe someday I can convert to becoming a true gardener like you. ;)

Strawberry Cake said...

I am sure that Ina is not out getting her toes very dirty in that garden of hers...gardening is ALOT of hard work...I am sure your garden is beautiful. Have a great time....hoping you have a bountiful harvest this year!

Christi said...

I love gardening also and we live in a State Park here in Arkansas. My garden suffers seriously though every year because of the deer. Any suggestions to keep the little devils out? I've tried a hot fence, but they just jump right over. And since we are in the park....they are protected!