Monday, March 22, 2010


Watch out, a grumpy post.

It snowed on the first day of Spring in the South. Seriously? Bitterly. I hope my garden survives.

The Bachelor, Kate Without the 8, a Baywatch Babe, and 90210's Shannen Doherty (she scares me) on Dancing With the Stars? Serious. Oh yea, and they even have Buzz Aldrin, you think he will do the Moonwalk?

New statistics say that our children's life span is 10 years less than ours. Why? Because of fast food and processed food being the main diet in America. Sad. Did anyone see Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution last night? He shows up in Huntington, W. Va. – which is the unhealthiest city in the country according to the CDC – with plans to overhaul their deep-fried, over-processed diets. They were not too welcoming. The school lunch ladies were mean, reminds me of elementary school. Oh, be sure I will be blogging more about Jamie Oliver's quest and our food system.

Health care bill gets the votes. Really? I am sure you can imagine how I feel about that one.

And then:
I am in awe of the Mennonites in our area, with that said, one of the young ladies that was at our park festival selling baked goods this past weekend drove up in her black MINI Cooper. Seriously? Yes, with lots of chrome.

I am going bed until Spring. No, not when the calendar says, but when it is not snowing and is sunny and warm (some morals, values and integrity in America would be nice too).

May God Bless America,
The Park Wife


Brett and Jill said...

Amen to all of it!

Double Wide Mom said...

and pray you don't get SICK while in bed!

Melissa said...

ou should check out my blog post. I got some good pictures of the crazy snow we got up here in fayetteville. It has mostly melted now - thank goodness. I wish it hadn't snowed in the first place, but at least it isn't staying long!

Amanda said...


Susan said...

We think alike - exactly alike.

Strawberry Cake said...

Keep talkin' sister! Ken and I were watching Jamie Olivers show too last night when they cut in to give us the "news". I was dumbfounded...Ken says nothing suprises him any more. I got out my pot and put it on my head, then went to bed.

Usually Happy Mamma said...

More sad than grumpy where I am, but never forget God is still reigning!

And go easy on the Mennonite lady --- she's not Amish, so maybe fancy is okay!

Life with the Akin Clan said...

I am so right there with ya. You should check out my day. At least our God is still sitting on His throne!!! That's my Life Insurance!

Anonymous said...

I have the Jamie Oliver show on my DVR, specifically for the purpose of blogging about it in relation to the last blog post I did about hungry kids at school. We'll have to compare notes. When you wake up, that is.

Jenna said...

As long as the car's black it doesn't matter!! ha! Have a great week and enjoy the weather!!

Tracie said...

I missed that Jamie Oliver show....Hopefully I can catch it on re-run!

Healthcare bill ~ I will refrain.....well, except to say that when the executive order doesn't work and our tax money is paying to provide abortions, it is going to be a big decision when it comes time to mail in that tax check. Just sayin!

I'll see you in spring! =)

On a different subject, since you homeschool--have you seen this owl that is hatching eggs in CA? Katarina and I have been watching it since last is amazing!