Thursday, May 27, 2010

Farm Girl Chic

You would think by now that I would not be surprised by the way my life goes. You know, one day you are living in the city and you have your life planned out and then you turn around and are on a state park with an extraordinary husband, two kids and dirty fingernails from farming.

However, I am finding that the two lives do mesh (in some strange, twisted maybe Park Wife world). It is possible to be a wife, mom, farmer, have a farmers market and still have a little pizazz.

Branding our "farm", the farmer's market and even myself as a "foodie" has utilized my marketing and PR skills more than I could have ever imagined. The fun thing about this aspect is that I love breaking down stereotypes. No, I do not wear denim skirts and wear my hair in a bun but I am a homeschool mom and I don't wear overalls, walk around with a toothpick in my mouth, but I am a farmer. I can't tell you how many times I have been interviewed or been at a meeting and people think I am kidding when I say I am a farmer. So, I think I am going to coin a new term, I am FARM FLASHY. Watch out Project Runway, a niche market here? And, I might actually wear it, unlike some of the things we see models wear these days.

One of my friends is working on my logo to put on my produce and signage for the farmers market, I am very excited. Of course as soon as it is done, I will be sharing it with you. Just think Southern Belle Farm Chick and let your imagination go with that. Hey, send me your ideas as well, that would be fun.

One last thing, the Farm Flash Fairy was watching over me the other day. There is a new consignment shop in town so I stopped by to ask about bringing some of the boys clothes in, mostly the ones they never wore because if you have boys, you know how they tear up clothes. So, I walked in and saw these sitting by the counter.

Yes, these are the very same ones that Ree owns, and no, I did not spend what she did on them. Oh mercy, they are fantastic. I am going to wear them next week to speak to the Lions Club. Of course I will wear a cute skirt (not denim) and something pink.

No more pearls, but definitely not rhinestones,
The Park Wife


Strawberry CAKE said...

You dog those are awesome! And they were your size?! Amazing find. Hey I see Farm Flashy t-shirts in your future. You could had wild olive tees to do it and put a cool verse on there about cultivating the earth...just an idea.

strawberry CAKE said...

I meant to say you could ask Wild Olive tees not you could had them...: P

Dawn said...
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Dawn said...


And they fit???

Yes, just slightly envious right now. I've been trying on boots since we moved to TX seven years ago and I still have not found just the right ones - at least not in my budget.

Farm flashy - love it! Yes, t-shirts will be a must. You'll need some blingy ones.

The Park Wife said...

Girls! They are are 1 size too small, but found out that the world-renowned leather man in our town (yes, I know Fancy Farm Fairy at work again) has the tool (or whatver he uses) to stretch boots one size, not kidding.

Amanda said...

That's great! I love the Ree Boots.:) And how great is it that you can get them stretched one size?? I've never heard of that. Watch out, before you know it, you'll be getting thousands of hits to your blog...just because you have her boots. :) (just kidding) (oh, maybe you already have thousands of hits...I dunno)

Jenna said...

My Hubby bought me those for my birthday about three years ago. I was in shock when I saw that ree had the same pair!! SHe always talks about how confortable they are but mine are VERY painful after wearing them all night. I got a hole in the heel and a rock got up in there and so now I'm having to get them re-heeled. You'd think they'd stay together a little more for the amount you pay for Lucchese boots!!
They are super cute though!!

{postscripted} designs said...

Love the farm flashy :)

That's crazy! What a find. They were destined for you!

strawberry CAKE said...

I will keep you in mind if I ever get the chance to invite my own posse. I think it would be awesome if she had a blogger weekend at the Lodge. Did you know I am a dreamer? Never hurts to think big...who knows. Lets pray about that opportunity.

From Tracie said...

Those boots are so cute....what a great find at a consignment shop! Awesome. I love Farm Flashy!

Marge said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am also a Park Wife for the month of June! Hubby and I are campground hosts at one of our beautiful Minnesota State Parks for the month, and are living in our trailer in a campsite. I can't plant a garden or keep chickens, but we are enjoying the beautiful green trees and the abundance of birds and other wildlife.

Blessings from this part time Park Wife to the real Park Wife.