Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Thief That Came and Caused A Fright

After returning from a quick trip out of town for two days, I went to the chicken coop to pick up eggs. I opened the door and looked around because I am a chicken, oh wait they are the chickens, but I like to know what I am walking into.

I looked in the nest boxes and yep, saw something black and curled up. I immediately turned around and walked back toward the barn. This has happened a few times, so THIS time I did not run and scream like a girl. Big Buckaroo asked what I was doing and I told him I was going to get a pillowcase. Meaning, my husband was not going to kill the snake, oh wait the TWO snakes that were in one of the nest boxes together, so I had to get something for him to get them and transport them in. I just roll with it these days.

Of course this had to turn into a learning experience, oh the homeschool mentality. Yes, that is my angel boy petting the snake. PETTING THE SNAKE!!!!!!
If you look closely you can see the eggs in its body that he STOLE from my coop.

"Oh honey, it is not poisonous, it is a good snake." Um, no snake but a dead snake is good in my book. But, my animal loving husband relocated them to the other side of the park, sorry neighbors on that side. Don't worry, they are full.

Oh the life of a farmer,
The Park Wife


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

This is one time I am glad I am not your neighbor! Yesterday as I was mowing grass I saw a black snake, I screamed over the loud mower so much the husband came. However the snake was lucky, he escaped.

Dawn said...

So, I just have to know... YOU were going to put the snakes in the bag all by yourself???

No. Stinkin'. Way.

I am definitely of the "good snake = dead snake" mentality. And I make no apologies for it.

Strawberry Cake said...

Oh your poor chickens. You are a gutsy woman to take those nasty snakes on. HIGH five sister!

Amanda said...

That cracked me up. I hope you were getting a pillow case for your husband to catch them! You're braver than me!!

Boys will be boys I guess. :)

{postscripted} designs said...

whew! that gave me a good shiver to imagine seeing the snakes!

I came across your blog last night after googling "park ranger wife" My husband's dream is to return to school to become a park ranger, and I was curious to know what it is like to be a park rangers wife..hoped that a wife somewhere out there would blog about it like PW does.

How fun to find your blog, AND see that you love PW too! I can't wait to read your entire blog :)

Linda Beth said...

Ahh! That is the very reason why I haven't got chickens yet. But I won't save my snakes. They're dead meat if they hang around our property.
You know, if you had killed yours, you could have got your eggs back. lol yuck...

The Clevelands said...

The last snake I found in my yard was whacked with a nearby 2 x 4. Yes good snake = dead snake! :)

Andi said...

Was that a chicken snake? That's what they called snakes that looked like that when we lived around San Antonio.

Also, it resembles a rat snake, which we had in our back yard in North Texas. I grew to love them, because we lived off of a creek, and when we started having rat snakes around, the rats quit moving onto my porch when the creek rose...I'll take nonvenomous snake over rats every time.