Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Sustainable Dream

I am all for immediate gratification, that is why I have Dr. Pepper in my fridge. But, I married a planner. When Big Buckaroo and I got married, he talked about having a sustainable farm one day. I had a 3 year plan, he had a 40 year plan. My downtown Memphis living self just rolled with it, it was the Wranglers and boots, I could not help myself. But, then reality set in. He actually meant that I would need to learn to farm.

Pastured poultry, not so bad raising, the slaughter, another thing entirely. Then, there were the pigs. Thankfully they went to the butcher and I did not have to witness Wilbur's death. I must say, the bacon, YUMMY. We have laying hens that provide the extra yumminess needed for an outstanding omelet. And, now my black thumb is getting a little green while my feet are turning a nice brown color, not from the sun but from the dirt in my garden. Then, last year, a few friends and I started a farmers' market in our town and KAPOW! the Southern Belle Farm Chic was born.

We are acquiring the necessary skills to be able to be full time farmers. Big Buckaroo will always be the Big Buckaroo Park Ranger guy until he retires in oh, 20 or so years, but I have two little farm hands to assist in our venture until his retirement. Yes, child labor my friends. Now, don't go calling the authorities, these boys are working hard, playing hard and learning hands on. The little buckaroo's have a great life.

I have, or maybe let's say HAD, the romanticized notion in the beginning when it comes to a family farm. It conjured up all sorts of Norman Rockwell images of a simple life where man and woman come together pitch fork in hand, building a life on a picturesque rural plot of America. Nostalgic images like those in Country Living (I love that magazine, surprise, surprise) of old barns and farmhouses with picket fences. Lush kitchen gardens and cute little boys in overalls collecting eggs from the chicken coop.

And, it is some of that, however, I don't have someone that stages my house and garden for beautiful photo layouts. Nor do I have someone that washes the dirty little boy clothes that they wore while burying themselves in the newly tilled garden, nor someone to wash the arugula for the third time, nor someone to clean and package the newly slaughtered chicken before putting it in the deep freeze.... we don't even have a great farm dog (our Boxer is no Lassie).

But, I do have a plot of land I have worked for almost 5 years now, amending the soil to make it rich and wonderful for growing vegetables that I will feed my family and other families that buy at our market. I have acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge in gardening, farmers' market start up and promotion, and how to keep our family the center of our family farm.

I am passionate about growing and promoting high quality, locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables. I want people to meet their farmer and know where their food came from. And, I want the cute farmhouse with the picket fence. And, the old barn where I can hold Harvest Dinners. Yes, I want and am striving for that picturesque life at a place we call Rockwell Farm.

Eat local, Eat Fresh,
The Park Wife,
aka The Southern Belle Farm Chic of Rockwell Farm

*all photos are from this morning. I will keep you updated with pictures so you can see how my garden grows.


Marge said...

What a beautiful little farm you are creating! I am so jealous! Fortunately we have a wonderful Farm Market only about 3 miles from here. I am there every time they are open, all summer long! Nothing like fresh picked vegetables.

Blessings to you and all the Buckaroos.

Amanda said...

Your husband is what my husband wants so be!!! And I'm the black thumb wife who wants to be 100% supportive, but who is scared to fail at being the farmer's wife. Thanks for this post. It gives me hope that I can become what my husband needs me to be! :)

Strawberry CAKE said...

wow that's awesome we never plant anything before the 2nd week in may in michigan....the nasty freeze! your garden looks like june here. what a great big land we live in!

Nezzy said...

Oh girl, you've got the bug and probably a happy little ring around your bathtub. I always know when spring is finally here and I have the dirt embedded under my nails and I see that beautiful ring 'round the tub. Enjoy that child labor while ya can. Take it from an old chick, they grow up and move away then all the help dwindles down two again and baby we aren't gettin' any younger! Heeehehehe!

From the bloomin' hills and hollers, ya'll have a fantastically blessed day!!!


Yummy! Fresh is ssoooo much better!! And I want to see some new pics of the Buckaroos (in overalls would be just fine, that would be way toooo cute!!) I miss y'all! Can't wait to see y'all!

Andi said...

Wow! A farm where it totally supports you?

I grew up on a farm. My parents are 4th generation farmers in the same area.

And my parents both had full time jobs in addition to about 4000 acres of land, cattle, wheat, and whatever else we had our hand in at the time.

I loved it, and I miss it, but I can't imagine how hard my parents worked. Dad left before daylight every single day of his life, and never stopped until after dark. My mom dreaded summertime hours for those very reasons...

Have fun with your farm. It truly is the best way to raise a family. And it is an experience that the truly blessed get to experience!

Journaling Woman said...

Wow I've been away way too long. Look at you!! I love to garden but my little patch looks shameful compared to yours.