Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer's End

Tomorrow is our annual first day of school at the lake! We will get up, pack a picnic, wave to the school buses and head to a state park lake about 45 minutes away. We will get a pontoon boat and enjoy our last day of summer before we start our homeschooling on Tuesday. An exciting addition this year is my sweet friend Jenn, her hubby (another state park superintendent), and their two precious boys who will be joining us as it is their oldest little guys first day of Kindergarten!

The past week has been non-stop. My mom tore herself away from the heat and humidity of Mississippi to come up and melt here with us for the week. I have an igloo on order, but with my luck it will get here during the middle of an ice storm in December.

The Buckaroo's had a blast with their Grandma. They think she built the world and love when she is here with us (which is not enough).

Baking, washing dishes, playing I Spy and 4, 614 games of Candyland, and oh, she cleaned my whole house. I used to worry about it when she would want to help clean my house like I was not doing a good enough job, now, I smile and say "go for it! don't forget to mop!"

We spent three days at our community library/fire station working on crafts to enter in the county fair. It was a great time, one day we had 17 kids there! I have some fantastic friends who are eventually going to learn to say no when I say "I have a great idea".

Our last summer evening of music in the park was Saturday night with an incredible brass band who was dressed in Civil War period attire, bless their hearts they looked hot and sweaty, but the music was fantastic.

And, the highlight of the week (no offense mom, thanks for driving 7 hours to see us), Littlest Buckaroo and I made The New York Times.

Looking forward to waking up tomorrow to a 2nd grader and Kindergartner,
The Park Wife


Potterwatch's Peeps said...

Nice watermelon! We are also looking forward to the start of school... it means all our favorite places will be much less busy when we want to go.

Miss Jody said...

great pics and what wonderful memories :)
I like this tradition... :)

great watermelon!!

MrsMama said...

Aren't moms the best?! Wait, does that mean we have to clean our children's houses when we go to visit?