Friday, August 20, 2010

The Park Wife For Dummies

Confession: I used Cliff Notes in high school and own several books with the words "..for Dummies" in the title. With life going full blast most of the time, I understand the need for a little shortcut here and there (that is why I have been known to use a cake mix in recipes, don't tell Pioneer Woman).

So, welcome to The Park Wife for Dummies. Now, I am not calling any of my new readers that came over from THE NEW YORK TIMES a name, just an overview to catch you up on the past few years of the blog.

So, here are a few posts to get you acquainted with me and my life!
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Of course, grab a snack and read The Park Wife and The Ranger, The Love Story. I am working on the next installment, so it will leave you hanging. But, here is a spoiler.....we got married!

If you read the article in The New York Times, thank you. I feel the need to clarify one little thing. It said "she loves the Lord and hates hypocrites". Well, hate is a very strong word in my opinion. Now, thanks to my friends Maggie and Karla who when they saw I was a little bothered by that word, grabbed a Bible, opened it to Proverbs and showed me the list of things that God hates. That made me feel a little better, but not completely.

I ranted extensively to Kim Severson about people, who we call peddlers, that go to south Texas and buy fruits and vegetables on the cheap and show up at farmers' markets peddling them as locally grown. Peddlers are lying, saying they have gardens. That is irritating. They don't put any money into growing their product. As a supporter of local foods, YES, I find that hypocritical and I do not like it! But, hate is not a word that describes any of my being or my heart.

Thanks to all my blog world friends for your support and welcome to all my new readers!
The Park Wife


From Tracie said...

Congrats on being mentioned in the New York Times. I feel all famous by one or two time email association. (kind of like six degrees of separation only there is more homeschool involved and less Kevin Bacon)

From Tracie said...

....also meant to add! I don't blame you for being upset over people misrepresenting themselves at the farmer's market. They do fit the definition of hypocritical....and you work very hard on your garden.