Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wilma Working Hard in the Garden

Now that the county fair is over, it is time to get back to life at home. No more focusing on goat showing, crafts, or BBQ cook-off's until next year. It was fun, but, whew! I am worn out.

My focus this week (aside of the gigantic piles of laundry, cooking and educating kids) is my garden! Since we do not open the Farmers' Market in the Fall here, my Fall/Winter garden is just to feed our family (and friends when I have a surplus).

With the boys help and my trusted friend Wilma.....oh, wait, you did not know I have a garden helper named Wilma. Oh, you thought I did it all myself, oh no ma'am, I have been holding out on you.

Meet my friend Wilma!

Wilma is a hard worker, reliable, and pretty cute when she is cleaned up. I thought about painting her pink, but I loan her out and I think some of the men using her might feel a little embarrassed if someone drove by as they were working their garden with her. Hmmm...on second thought, I might go buy some pink paint at the hardware store today.

Oh giver of fresh veggies, let's get going! You have been neglected for weeks, I am so sorry.

I love tilling the garden. It is relaxing, yet energizing. As I go down each row I imagine its potential and envision the bounty that will grow there. Then, my mind wanders to how much I love being a part of the land and the blessing of being a part of a group (farmers, gardeners, foodies, etc) that desire to connect people to each other, to the farm, to our food.

Get out and enjoy this wonderful time of year. I will call you if I have too much broccoli!
The Park Wife


Fire Wife Katie said...

Oooh, I want a Wilma! So pretty!

From Tracie said...

Wow! Wilma is very impressive!

MrsMama said...

Not one, but two veggie gardens a year! That is inspiring.

I think Wilma looks good in red. :)

Fawn said...

I need help figuring out what to plant in our first ever fall garden. Remember I have no idea what I am doing, and I have about 48 square feet of dirt to work with. Ideas?