Thursday, September 9, 2010

County Fair Fun

I am an idealist. It's just how it is, not going to apologize for it.

In my mind and heart, I envision life in a small town where everyone knows each other, they come together to celebrate new life and those that pass on, a place where you stop by someones house and they invite you to dinner without having to have it on your calendar for two weeks and stress about what to cook and if there is dust on the bookcases. You know, kind of like Mayberry minus Ernest T. Bass. Well, actually those kind of folks add "flavor" to small towns and we have those around here. See, in the South we don't hide our crazies in the back room or basement, we put them out on the front sidewalk for everyone to see, yep, we flaunt the crazy.

Anyway, (I get a little sidetracked at times), as you can imagine when I was asked to help out with the county fair I was ecstatic. Nothing says wholesome family fun and community involvement like a county fair. I have had a blast working on it and it's finally here!

Last night, the Little Buckaroos showed their goats. They did fantastic and had fun doing it. I only got one picture because I videoed them when they showed.

Our 7-year-old Buckaroo got out there and turned it on, not sure where he gets that from, well, his mom did love a stage back in the old days.

I am very proud of their hard work in taking care of the animals, and grooming and preparing them for show. And, wooooohooo, they both earned a blue ribbon and trophy.

In addition to the livestock and Arts & Crafts show, there will be a BBQ cook-off, a regional high school rodeo, and a family fun day. At Family Fun Day, there will be a combine simulator, art tent where kids can get creative, children’s games, opportunity to learn how to milk a cow, hands on quilting, a chance to learn a historical dance from the 1860s, there will even be some cowboys out teaching kids to rope and shoe a horse. Oh, how I love my idealistic life.

Thankful for the opportunity to help put culture back in agriculture and practicing ducking in case Ernest T. Bass reads this,
The Park Wife


Fire Wife Katie said...

The fair sounds like a lot of fun!!

upnorth said...

I love our local 4H fair during the end of July! So fun to see what the kids have been up to, growing watermelons, bunnies, chickens and beef!

Ax Lady said...

I love this post!! I so miss the county and 4H fairs. How wonderful that the boys both got blue ribbons! Great job!