Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Little Boys Trip to a Wonderful Life

A little story for you today.

There once was a little Louisiana boy that went to a state park in another state.

It took them 6 hours to get there, seemed like forever to a small child.

Are we there yet?

Adorable little boy's picture was taken at one of the overlooks.

A picture that would give a glimpse into his future. Mercy, he is precious.

Little boy grows up. Through a twist of fate (yes, God's plan), he gets hired as a Ranger at the state park he visited as a small child.

He marries the woman of his dreams (yea, that's The Park Wife) and becomes assistant superintendent of that mountain park.

They have a baby boy who has his dad's good looks, intelligence, and heart of gold.

Years later, they move to another park, in another part of the state, for him to be the superintendent.

No more mountain views, lots of really old stuff (a historical park).

They have their second child. A boy who has his dad's warrior spirit, loving heart, an adventurer. Help me, that boy is gorgeous.

The Ranger and The Park Wife always take their kids back to the place they fell in love.

Where their story began.

Where their kids can experience the beauty of God's creation and the community that made them one of their own.

Even though they love their current community, they hope to move back to the mountains in the future ......waiting.....waiting.....
Are we there yet?

Still waiting.......and probably will for a while longer.

Story to be continued.
The Park Wife

***for those of you who have asked since this posted, NOPE, not leading up to some big announcement, nothing on the horizon. Learning to BE STILL AND KNOW HE IS GOD.


upnorth said...

What a great start to a story! What happens next?? Are we there yet?? LOL!!!!Blessings!

From Tracie said...

SO precious.

Now, is this leading up to an announcement about a big move?

Flying Squirrel Fan said...

Girl, I know what you mean about a move to the mountains and waiting...I will probably never again live on that awesome mountain, but my beloved Ozarks...well, are we there yet?? (Pray, Neal has applied and we are just waiting for the what's next!) By the way, does this mean Wally is actually retiring??

fluerdelyis said...

Thank your for sharing.

I do agree with Tracie - so precious.

You are a women of integrity.

God has blessed you with the gift of two adorable sons and a wonderful marriage.

God Bless you and your family,
Chris Ann

Betty G said...

WOW!!! Those boys have really grown. Isn't it fun to be a Mom?

Betty G. in Tennessee

Ross said...

Waiting in faith is such a challenge! What the next move is is all based on trust, in knowing that He will put you where He sees best suited for His works. Great site! I'll be following you and coming back often!

LuGene said...

Oh my, the youngest buckaroo is the spitting image of his dad! What a wonderful family! I know that your heart is still in the mountains, and we will miss you when you leave. Your stamp is certainly on our community. You will leave it better than you found it. Much love!

Amber said...

Such an awesome post. Exactly what I needed to hear. My husband has two weeks left at ALETA! We are moved into our state park and waiting for a full time to come along. I just need to be still and listen to God. Thank you so much for those words!

lfhpueblo said...

Love your post here. Really think the picture of your boys in their uniform shirts with their Dad rocks. It's nice when they are little and want to be like their Dad's.
God Bless you and your family always.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Doesn't Big Buckaroo look like Littlest Buckaroo. I knew they did but hadn't realized just how similar!

Nezzy said...

What a wonderfully delightful post sweetie!!! I so adore seein' your Hubs as a little man and readin' your love story. Your little Park Rangers are just to darn stinkin' cute!

Have a beautiful day sweetie filed with warm wonderful blessings from above!