Friday, March 11, 2011

The Real World of Boys

My sister-in-law Katie was married a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful wedding, she looked gorgeous and has been blessed with an incredible man to be her husband.

Katie and her dad approaching her future.

Now, all of you that have young children (especially boys) know that it can be touch and go at these type of events. See, our two are ALL boy, from zip lining to tree climbing to mutton bustin', they live for dirt and danger.

However..... there are times they have to be clean and smile pretty. You know we don't want all that "unsocialized homeschooler" judgement cast upon us. So, they got gussied up for their Aunt Katie.

The Little Bucakroo's (in bow ties, we are Southern like that) and the cousin buckaroos sitting there waiting, aren't they so well behaved?

Smoke and mirrors my friends, smoke and mirrors.


And, I would not have it any other way.

Letting boys be boys while teaching them to be gentlemen,
The Park Wife


fred said...
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Betty G said...

Beautiful bride, handsome groom and four precious little boys. What memories! This is great!

Question: Does that little boy on the left end of the photo still have the tag on his coat sleeve? If so, that reminds me of a date where I went with a nice young man and he left the tags on his sleeve. When he discovered the tag, he was so embarrassed. He became a physician, so it didn't warp him permanently. :)

Betty in TN

Anonymous said...

"Letting boys be boys while teaching them to be gentlemen," is a great sign off and sentiment.