Thursday, July 7, 2011

Recharging Mom Batteries

My BFF Jenn and I ran away. Well, we actually drove since we were going all the way to Hot Springs, Arkansas and because we really don't run unless someone is chasing us. Of course, we eventually came back, but we took a day off from boys, dirt, "look mom", making meals, and cleaning toilets.

The day began with a hour and half drive. Now, many people are usually in a hurry to get where they are going, you know the whole destination/journey debate. We are two moms with five boys between us, believe me, we can appreciate time in a vehicle without kiddos yelling behind us - "he touched me", "he is singing too loud and off key", "are we there yet?" Much needed, uninterrupted girl talk was had on the drive.

We arrived at our destination:

The Chrysalis Day Spa is a wonderful, serene place with some very nice women that work there. A deep tissue massage was first on the agenda. The lady message therapist I had was very good, however, I always get chatty and do not relax like I should. I know her entire life story.

Then, it was pedicure time. Jenn is enjoying being pampered, the massage chair was a highlight of the pedicure.

Here is my new nail color, Tropical Punch. I try to find time to paint my toenails (especially during the summer when it is against Southern Belle rules to wear sandals with naked toe nails), but honestly, I'm lucky to get to use the restroom alone most of the time. So, having someone do this for me was fabulous, a real treat!

Sushi time! My adventurous friend had never had sushi and hopped on board when I suggested it. She preferred the tempura, true to her southern roots that anything battered and fried is good. I agree, plus I love me some Philadelphia Rolls and Osaka's OMG roll, delicious!

We did a little shopping and then saw a Merle Norman. Jenn suggested makeovers. Hey, I am not under any illusion that my 40-year-old crows feet don't need some attention, so in we went.

Merle Norman (the one at 242 Cornerstone Blvd) Owner Tiffany Story got us glammed up, we were feeling pretty feisty and fun at this point. So, we went and got ice cream.

Some days I feel like running away and assuming a new identity, in Italy preferably, but most days I find there is nothing in this world that I have sacrificed that is worth more than the overwhelming love I have for my husband and children and the love I receive back from them.

We had replenished our super mom powers, so we headed home.

Our brave husbands took all the boys (pic from Army party we had a couple of weeks ago) to see Cars 2 and to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch. Jenn and I are extraordinarily blessed women, park wives of two men of integrity who love the Lord and adore their wives and children.

And, hey, they are doing a great job running two of the best state parks in Arkansas. Plan your summer vacation now at one of the 52 wonderful parks in the natural state, check out for more info. (I know, shameless plug, but The Park Wife must promote state parks, it is part of who we are).

A day off, fun was had by all,
The Park Wife


Julie said...

Looks like fun! So glad you got to do that! I always end the school year with a massage! It is a great destresser!

Dore' said...

WHAT FUN for you two...good for you to have some much needed and WELL time. AWESOME. Hope you won't wait too long to do it Alabama :)

Marge said...

So jealous! Not only of the mom spa day, but also that you can use your state parks! As you have probably heard, the government of Minnesota is shut down, and all state parks are closed! Going to be a long summer with no hiking or camping if they don't get their stuff together soon!

From Tracie said...

It looks like a very fun day!

Sheila said...

Good Golly that sounds fabulous. Pedicures and Sushi two of my favorite things. I knew we could be besties!! So glad you were able to get away! : )

Shannon @ nwaMotherlode said...

Sounds like my kind of day, girl! I adore the nail polish Tropical Punch. It's my favorite! Love it so much it's in my bathroom right now :)

Flying Squirrel Fan said...

The day looked great, but I must admit that I had to laugh when I thought about those two guys and five little boys at Chuck E Cheese! The fact that they did that (and probably enjoyed it as much as you enjoyed the pedicure) tells you just how good fathers they are! And I'd love to go visit an Arkansas state park, preferably the first and best:) Another friend of mine just went to PJ and Crater and has blogged about it, makes me wanna go!

SweetMissMagnolia said...

how wonderful---I sooo need a day trip out sometimes LOL love salon time..... oh and yes love those pedicure chairs--HEAVEN!!! ;)

upnorth said...

I'm so glad you got away for the day! Do it more often, because only you can take care you!! Take it from me!! Blessings!!!!