Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An Uplifting Giveaway!

WARNING: All of my male readers (yes, all two of you...um, my brother and Taz) stop reading now because this is going to be about bras and not in the way that you would enjoy, sorry, I will blog about food, adventure, and single friends later.

Alright ladies, all but a few of my readers are wearing the wrong size bra. Yes you, um...don't click off,  I am talking to you. Up to 85% of women are in bras that they spill out of, bras that are not supportive, bras where the straps fall down constantly and bras that flatten, squish, droop or just plain look unattractive on the body.

Hop over to Sharing The Park Wife Love site to read my article and find out about a fabulous giveaway from Le Mystère Lingerie valued at $125.


Lisa said...

Checked em out and liked it on Facebook. hmmmm I think I need to do some online window shopping today, this line looks promising.

Flying Squirrel Fan said...

The giveaway page doesnt like me and won't let me leave a comment! I'll try again later but naptime si almost over and I put it on my blog
(Comment I tried to post on yoru other site)
I've been following you since you started the blog, you actually distracted me from whatever 2 year old wisdom I was going to share today when I saw your give away so I put your giveaway on my blog

From Tracie said...

I entered!! =)