Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ask The Park Wife: Holiday Guests

Park Wife, please help!  I have family coming in for Christmas. We drink decaf coffee, they like regular.  We use 2% milk, they like whole.  We eat cereal, they cook a full breakfast everyday.  We don't drink wine, they have a glass every night.  Am I expected to buy new coffee, milk and stock my liquor cabinet? Should I get up and make breakfast everyday? I want them to feel 'at home' and I don't want to make them mad but I still want to stick to my grocery budget. Julie

Oh Julie, you might as well readjust your grocery plan to include Ramen Noodles for the remainder of the month. Yes, if you are hosting guest in your home, you will need to make some adjustments for hospitality sake.

With that said, there are ways to make them feel welcome without TOTALLY messing up your routine or breaking the bank. I recommend that you make a nice basket to have in the kitchen when they arrive with a small thing of coffee, a nice, yet affordable bottle of wine, and make some kind of breakfast pastry so they will have something to nibble on when they wake up and you guys are still warm under the covers. I am sure you can think of a few other affordable things to put in the basket according to what you know about your guests. If all else fails, you can print out a map with directions to the nearest Waffle House, I jest.

I don't think you have to go overboard, but you will need to do your best to make them feel welcome in your home. And, that might require an early rise, some extra caffeine and a couple of wine glasses in the sink.

Happy Entertaining,
The Park Wife


Sheila said...

Great advise! Guest always add something new to the schedule, but that's what makes it fun the opportunity to change things up a bit. And they are going home right? It's not a lifetime commitment ; ) hugs!

Julie said...

After three days fish and company stink, right? HAHA! Thanks for the great advice!

Flying Squirrel Fan said...

My favorite for the company breakfadr dillemma....crockpot breakfast casserole, toss it all (bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, cheese) in the crockpot before you go to sleep and whenever your guests arise hungry, its hot and ready to be eaten!