Thursday, March 15, 2012

Plan Your Arkansas Vacation

Have you picked up the 2012 Arkansas State Parks Guide?

Grab one, plan your vacation and then let me know what state park you are visiting and when. We might just run into each other.

There are 52 parks to choose from with diverse landscapes, natural and cultural resources, park facilities, and programs. Yes, I have some favorites, if you want recommendations of where to go and when, I can help you out. Just call me the Arkansas Kiplinger Gal or your Travel & Leisure Liaison, well,  in reality my life is more of a Travel Zoo kind of existence. At least I don't live on Lonely Planet (I can not even go to the bathroom without someone calling for me, lonely I am not, thankfully). Alright, I am done.

Oh, cool, I know that family on the cover of the guide.

Get outside and enjoy!

Your Trip Advisor,
The Park Wife


Kaleidoscope Acres said...

It looks beautiful, I have never been, I am in Canada, and love visiting our parks here too.

I often go to Banff National Park I love the outdoors. I look forward to coming down to Arkansas some time.

Sweety Darlin said...

I was in your neck of the woods this weekend, and was having such an amazing time I never got around to dropping you a note. Your city is amazing, and the place to stay is the Ozark Country Inn!