Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Watch Out Clapton

Musical talent? Um... I play the radio, that is about it. I thought I sang pretty well in the shower, then I married Big Buckaroo and he squashed my dreams of being the next Beyonce (plus, my hips don't move like hers). Yes, he confirmed what my mom tried so nicely to tell me as a child, I am completely tone deaf with no musical ability whatsoever. Nope, I will not be headlining at a karaoke bar anytime soon.

Growing up, I was a cheerleader, gymnast, took dance classes, and let's not forget those two horrendous pageants that I entered (thankfully, we did not put in fake teeth, hair extensions, nor did I wear more make-up on my face than clothes on my body, I guess you get that I am not a big fan of Toddlers and Tiaras). Plus, I played some sports, so music and band did not make it on my completely over-scheduled calendar. Yes, I blame my mother, no really, I am sure she knew early that was not my niche.

Now.....we have moved to a town totally focused on music, yep, fish out of water, but, I am rolling with it. The Buckaroo's decided to try playing an instrument, I am all about introducing them to new things to see if they like it (the kale chips did not go over too well, win some, you lose some). Little Buckaroo decided on the fiddle, so I took him for a first lesson, kaboom, the boy picked it up and loves it. Littlest Buckaroo, who spends his days working on training for Marine Corp boot camp, yes, he is 6 and can do more pull ups than me, said he did not want to take lessons. Then, he saw a banjo and thought it was sort of a guitar and a drum... a drum, huh, he rethought his position and is now playing clawhammer banjo.

Then, hold on to your hats, someone told Little Buckaroo that you can not live in this town and not play an instrument, sweet mercy he took it literally. He was afraid they would make me move since I can not even play Name That Tune.

Mrs. Shay is the boys extraordinary music teacher who the Buckaroo's adore. She does not want me to have to move out of the city limits without my family and does not believe the impossibility of me being the next Eric Clapton (o.k. she really does know that is not going to happen), so she is forcing me to learn a few chords on the guitar.  I laughed at her for a few weeks and then gave in to "learning just a few chords". Aside of it hurting my fingertips, it is pretty cool.

So, maybe you will see me headlining somewhere in the future, it will probably be at a senior living center since by the time I learn a song or two that is where I will be living.

I should probably just play Guitar Hero,
The Park Wife


Life with the Akin Clan said...

Ok, can I ask what town you are in? Because from the sounds of it, it's Mt. View. And if it will be meeting me! That is our favorite place in the world to vacation.

Btw, I am in your tone deaf club also. I, too, thought I sang very well until the radio was turned off. least it wasn't Simon Cowell telling us!

Teresa said...

Was wondering where you moved? Now I know, Mt. View, AR!! Love that town so very much. As a matter of fact in about 6 hours I will be on my way there for the Bluegrass festival. We are staying at the Ozark Folk Center State Park cabins.

And, like you, I play the radio beautifully!