Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm With the Band

As I have told you before, we live in a very musical town. Yes, hard for a gal who can only play the radio, but the Buckaroo's have taken to it like Charlie Daniel's to the fiddle.

One of the many wonderful things happening in our town is a program called Music Roots  where 
skilled instructors provide youth from 4th to 8th grade with classes in traditional folk instruments: guitar, banjo, autoharp and fiddle for FREE!!!! Classes are held during the school day to ensure participation and each student is provided a quality instrument.  Yes, re-read that. What an amazing thing that our community is doing to pass on the love of music to the next generation.

It is extraordinary, not only is our town and several organizations (including our state park) committed to it, but I have seen people who come into town and stay a few months to play music or even just for a weekend festival and before they leave they buy instruments for these kids, known as their "forever instruments" (I am learning the lingo). 

Last night, they had their end of the year concert and the Buckaroo's music teacher, Mrs. Shay, invited them to be a part of it (they are not old enough for the program yet). Oh, and they have only had lessons for 3 1/2 months. Yes, Mrs. Shay is a brave soul. 

So, without further ado, the 4th grade banjo players and the Buckaroos. Little Buckaroo on fiddle and Littlest Buckaroo on clawhammer banjo (they sing the first two verses in case you do not know which ones they are).

Thankful and blessed to be a part of a community that supports our young people this much.

Going to get the music for The Devil Went Down to Georgia for Little Buckaroo,
The Park Wife

Oh, thank you you tube for the inappropriate thumbnails that come up after the video, ughhhh.


Joe said...

And to think...I knew them when they were just state brochure cover models.

Life with the Akin Clan said...

Have you heard Klancy and her band yet? One of the guys in her band actually told us about this program. Just one more reason my hubby wants to move there... so are your boys going to school there? When we stayed in the RV park right beside the Village, we loved walking around and listening to all the music. It was so much fun!

My daughter is working on a senior trip in your neck of the woods for their youth group sr. trip! She loves it there and suggested it. I told her if she goes, she needs to find a way to meet you!