Thursday, February 21, 2008

Littlest Buckaroo- Portrait by Photoshop

Although I used Photoshop a little in my "professional" work pre-Buckaroo's, I do not know much about all the features of Photoshop offers now. I blame it partly on those two epidurals, I am sure that when they pushed that numbing medicine in my back, they sucked out some of my memory cells. Alright, I know that memory cells have to do with computer memory, so certainly I can blame it on my lack of computer savvyness, right?

Anyway, all of you that have more than one child know that you take a jillion pictures of the first child and then it wanes a bit with the next one. I have been trying recently to take more pictures of the Littlest Buckaroo so he will know that he actually did live with us as a child and I got motivated after seeing the Photoshop tricks that Pioneer Woman (my blog inspiration and wanna be best blog friend) used on her recent contest photo. So, I got to work on Littlest Buckaroo in a picture that epitomizes his personality. If you have read my blog for any period of time, you know he wears his gunbelt the majority of the day, even at nap time and we have to tear it off of him for his bath.

So, here is the picture straight out of the camera, pretty blah! Although he sure is cute, and yes he has on his rubber boots, I guess I should not let a 2-year-old dress himself.

Now, I have used some of PWs tips from her blog yesterday.

So, what do you think? Which do you like?

I want to print one and frame it for Big Buckaroo to put up in his office at the Park. Also, since PW's Photography/Photoshop blog will not be launched until the first of March, I am not sure that I did all the things that I should have done. Help! Is there anyone out there who has more memory cells than I do!

Going to recharge,
The Park Wife


fairygodmother said...

The "shopped" one reminds me of the sepia pic of little buckaroo in his confederate uniform. Maybe you could pair them.

Mommy Lion said...

I'm all about the antiqued or aged look, so I too pick the altered pic! I think fairygodmother had a great idea about pairing the two pics!

OKGardners said...

I'll take both! I love that little fellow. He looks so FUN! He sure would fit in with our grandsons in Memphis. Maybe some day ... some day ... we could get all of them together to play.

Grandma Betty
aka Betty in Oklahoma

dlyn said...

Oh - I love love love the sceond one - that vintage look is really perfect for this shot.

Valarie said...

Ok I do like the vintage one, but I like the first one also. I know nothing about photoshop except for what my sister does. So I am gonna spout off somethings she does. I think if you took the first one and up the saturation on the red of that wall, it might make him really pop. Really I don't know what I am saying so I am gonna send my sister to your sight and see what she thinks too. No matter what its a really cute picture and I like his boots.

Lisa said...

Ahhh...what a cutie.

Hey! I'm Lisa and my sister Valarie sent me to your site to look at your photo.

I really like the feel of the vintage one and I also think it would look great with a grungy looking border added.

You might want to use the patch tool to remove the white line growing out of his head. Don't hate me!!! :O) hehehehe.

I'm so new to photoshop that I can still smell the plastic from the wrapper, but I will be glad to try and play with the picture if you want. Just let me know or tell me to go back and crawl in my hole. Then we can all slap Valarie silly for getting me involved. :) haha.


Valarie said...

Love you too Lisa. :}

SpokaneMama said...

just found you on Pioneer Woman. Don't we all hang out there yet?

I LOVE the second one...the two-toned color background detracts from the focal of the picture.

Don't you love playing with photoshop?

SharonB said...

I like the second!!

I recently decided to try out PS, we've had it for yrs...but i'm so confused by it!! Although I did use it to make my blog header...I'll keep playing around and eventually figure it out, I hope!!

Smoochiefrog said...

Man I really need to get Photoshop!

Anonymous said...

I think it's absolutely adorable! Both images are great, but it's fun to play with them isn't it?

A glance at my world said...

The second one is really cute, looks rustic!

:Jayne said...

I like the shot straight out of the camera. The denim stands out against the red of the barn, and brings out his blue eyes.