Monday, March 24, 2008

Glorious Weekend

He is Risen Indeed! What an awesome God we serve.

It was a beautiful weekend here and we spent the majority of the time outside enjoying the Spring-like temperatures.

The Buckaroos started off the weekend riding their Go-Kart, yes, it is still working. We have not had a Go-Kart Debacle for a while, I better go knock on wood right now!

Little Buckaroo is a very safe driver, no they do not have on helmets. Believe me, they were not going fast enough for me to have to even jog to keep up with them. Not that I would jog, or run, unless someone was chasing me.

The lure of a mud puddle was too much to resist. Big Buckaroo was washing our vehicles and the water ran down the driveway and made this "oh so fun" pool of clothes staining mush.

For some reason, I do not think Little Buckaroo is remotely worried about getting the mud stains out of his clothes. Yes, his brother does whatever he does, and I would not change that.

Now, this is fun! I pray that they continue to delight in the strength and wildness that God created in them. I want them to grow into adventurous men, not bored boy's whose hearts are lost to emasculation. Alright, enough of my Wild at Heart preaching today.

I think this picture would be an ideal advertisement for a Gap and Old Navy outdoor line for kids.

We did have a bit of a "skunk episode" on Saturday. We were finishing up lunch outside on the deck and Big and Little Buckaroo had walked up to the garden, I ran inside to the kitchen and Littlest Buckaroo was still on the deck eating. I heard Big Buckaroo screaming for me, I ran out and a skunk was running across our yard. Our crazy boxer, Lucky, was chasing the skunk, right up to our house. As the skunk was trying to get under the one way under our house, he sprayed Lucky, well, he was not very lucky that day. All the windows in the house were open to get the fresh air from the beautiful day, but then, skunk smell!!!!! After putting out vinegar, turning on all ceiling fans, opening all house windows and doors, then leaving for a couple of hours, the house was almost skunk smell-less. Oh, the life of The Park Wife.

Have a wonderful day,
The Park Wife


Valarie said...

AT least there were suds in the muddy mush. That should help keep ths stains from setting. ;)

Jessica said...

I am so thankful that my children are blessed with being raised with nature to play in. The mud pictures made me laugh. How cute.

Oh you poor dear. Once get that close to a skunk your nose remembers that smell for a while.

OKGardners said...

Oh, no .... not a SKUNK!!! You won't forget that very soon. Yuck!

Sounds like the boys had so much fun "being BOYS!!!" That is great. Memphis Daughter allows her boys & girls to get dirty and just does lots of laundry. You are doing things right! Let them be Men in the making. Like it's supposed to be!

We had a nice day and Easter supper with Local Daughter and family. Had a good time!


Blessed said...

Mud - that's fun!
Skunk - ewwww

It's great seeing kids get to be kids!

Pam said...

I posted about mud today too. I don't want to play in it, but your boys are cute covered in it. My kid never liked it much, but I figure to each kid his own. He plays outside and enjoys nature in plenty of ways! He loved seeing the go kart. I called him over so he could. I agree about the helmets. If they are driving in the yard, at a reasonable rate, let them be free and feel the wind! Glad you had a nice Easter.

Shirley said...

Yes, Christ is Risen Indeed!

The pics of the boys are really cute.

I hope to never know what it is like to get skunk perfume in my house. They are bad enough when you pass one on the road that has been run over.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Your pics are fantastic! Love the muddy kids - boys will be boys!!

Hallie :)

A glance at my world said...

I love the gap/old navy ad :)

:Jayne said...

It is awesome that your boys play in the mud! I did that with mine, it's what boys are supposed to do!
Sorry bout the skunk!