Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fire Alarm

As you know from my past posts, I am now limiting my computer time and spending more fun time with the Buckaroos. Not someone to do things half way, I decided that I would not even turn on the computer yesterday. It had become a habit for me to walk by my office and check to see if I had emails or check for blog comments, and then sit for about 10 minutes and look at other sites. Ten minutes here and there was adding up.

We really reaped the rewards yesterday from that choice. While the boys were eating their eggs, I went outside and did this.

O.K., I am not an artist, but they did not care. I drew two houses, one for each Buckaroo. I then ran in the house and started banging a metal bow saying "Fire!" They hurriedly put on their fire outfits laughing the whole time.

Here is Littlest Buckaroo putting out his house fire. Little Buckaroo was on standby to save the people.

After the "fire" was out, Littlest Buckaroo turned the hose on his brother.

He loved it! Look at the joy on his face.

Water, dirt, boys, here is the result.

After playing in the mud, a bath was in order, then we made cookies, read books (Little Buckaroo read one to us too), played cowboys, soldiers, Littlest Buckaroo took a nap, and then back into the mud and another bath all before supper. It was a great day!

Like most moms, I don't like to admit this, but I went through a period a while back that I was so overwhelmed and did not have any interest in playing with the boys. Then, God got to work on me, you know how He just puts things right in front of you that are so obvious that you know He is trying to work in you.

First: I had decided to read one chapter of Proverbs a day. Wow! Proverbs is full of direction on wisdom and knowledge, and then concludes with Proverbs 31 describing the wife of noble character.

Next: I am blessed to have my mentor mom Penny who is a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and patience, she has 3 wonderful children (the proof is in the pudding) and thankfully she has taken me in and helped guide me.

Penny had been doing a Parenting Class at church and as I (with Big Buckaroo by my side, what a wonderful man) sat there listening to her, I kept thinking, "yep, I am doing that, um, yeah, that's a better way to train them in this or that situation, ooh, what a great idea and on and on." It was an extraordinary class, she is an excellent example of following Titus 2 instruction to teach younger women. But, then one day I was listening to her and like a lightening bolt I thought..."you are doing all this but are you enjoying it, relishing in this wonderful season of life?" I regret to say, that no I was not enjoying it.

Then: I read some wonderful books that provided great insight and direction all in line with scripture regarding marriage and children. In one of them, it said, "Parenting is the most accurate test of one's true character." (M. Pearl) WHOA!!!!! Boy, He was really working in me now.

About a month and a half ago, after all these things started coming at me, things changed ~ my attitude changed. The Buckaroos are wonderful kids and Big Buckaroo and I have always diligently trained them (instead of just constantly disciplining them which is very tiring), after my attitude change to one of thankfulness and joy, I have being seeing more fruit from our efforts, not just in their obedience, but in their joyful hearts. Not to mention that a real good marriage is now a GREAT marriage.

The boys are big buddies and we have fun together rather than just trying to make it through the day. I am glad we are at this point especially since we will start homeschooling Little Buckaroo this year (he is 5 now) and I want him to enjoy it.
Good children grow out of good soil, and I am becoming a constant gardener. All praise and glory to God.

The Park Wife


OKGardners said...

WOW! I love it! Sometimes parents can get so caught up in doing the daily routine that we FORGET to enjoy the trip. I'm glad you found this new joy and attitude.

I can remember being fairly overwhelmed by two little ones under age 2 and barely surviving the day (and night) ... so I am very happy for you. Raising little ones lasts only a few years and then they move on with the memories you helped them create.

Those "firemen" look professional to me! What fun memories they will always have of the day Mom let them play in the mud and put out fires. These boys are truly blessed with two marvelous parents. I'm happy for all of you.

Betty in Oklahoma

Dawn said...

Wow! Enjoyed your post - both your honesty and insight!!

Have a blessed weekend! Dawn

Sage said...

If I could go back and redo my parenting during my kids' formative years, would I do so? In a minute! I was a stay at home cookie baking mom, but I know now that I could have enjoyed it so much more. I wish I would have enjoyed it more. I'm a better grandmother than I was a mother, I sometimes think.

I've told you this before, you have your priorities right and I honor and respect you for this. You are making memories for them to take with them in their hearts for the rest of their lives.


Pam said...

Ok, that is awesome. If I could stand to touch sidewalk chalk, I would so do this. Well, that and our well is broke so we have no outside hose currently so The Boy would be carrying buckets from my kitchen! (I am teasing about that part!) This was a really neat idea. I applaud your mothering skills. I think you rock.
I've cut back on my blog reading. I feel bad, but I have been working on other projects and have been trying to update my sadly neglected other website. It's close to being up to date. That is for my family. The blog is for me. So, in a sense, while he is at school I am catching up before summer comes and he is here with me all day. I hear ya on the spending more time. I want to be ready for him when I get him back. I am counting down the days. I love summers with him here.

Pam said...

(Once school is out) I made it sound like he lived somewhere else! haha
I know YOU knew what I meant, but if someone else read it... anyhow...

Valarie said...

This was great! I loved the part where you talked about training and discipline. I think that is very true, I get so tired of just fussing all the time, but if you take the time to show them and teach them what needs to be corrected it makes a difference. Its very trying on both parties just to yell and fuss all the time.

Anonymous said...

I've had that revelation before too. What is the most important part of my life after my relationship with my Lord? My family.

Enjoying your posts so much.


A glance at my world said...

Love the burning house "game"! This post was really great :)

Kristen M. said...

I love your burning house idea too. Your firemen did a great job!

Val said...

Heya, just moseying through, and my old photog insticts kicked in on the pic of middle buckaroo - That is incredible.

Have fun!

Blessed said...

I can relate!

fairygodmother said...

I love to see the wonderful life that these boys live. They are soooo blessed. I see great parenting ideas now that my kids are both almost grown. I wish you would pass on some of your great ideas for some of us with older "albeit in age only" children. I really envy(I know I shouldn't)the great opportunities you have to mold these boys with wonderful hands-on creative ways. And I LOVE that you KNOW to take the time to truly enjoy this adventure and responsibility that God has given you and Big Buck. You are both AMAZING people raising AMAZING boys. Theanks so much for sharing.

Amy said...

I would love to know the names of those books you are reading! Please pass on the information.
You are such a wonderful mother!

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun....and Amen to everything else! :)