Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's the Little Things

...that make me happy.

When we moved to this Park 3 years ago, I was very pleased with our home. The Park provides a free house, yes, I said free (well, of course hubby's pay reflects that). We were fortunate to have a brand new home at our last Park and our home now is older, but much bigger and since it is on 8 acres, we can't complain.

However, the first day we moved in I was sitting in the kitchen and I told Big Buckaroo that the handles on the kitchen cabinets were hideous and just had to go. He said, alright, but let's focus on getting our boxes unpacked first. Time has gone by and the handles never grew on me, so I continued to complain about their ugliness.

See, they were pretty ugly. Now, I do know why these are the ones that are on the cabinets, there are 60 handles in my kitchen, yes 60. Any of you who have priced drawer pulls/cabinet handles lately know they can range from $1.00 (the hideous ones shown) to a median price of $4.00 per handle, so when you need 60, that is a pretty big chunk of change.

Hallelujah! This past weekend, 3 years later, my dream became a reality, brushed nickel handles!

I had to be cost conscience so I was not able to get the $4.50 ones I loved, but these transform my kitchen, well, at least get it a little more up-to-date. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

It's the little things in life that I am starting to recognize and enjoy!

Have a great day,

The Park Wife


Blessed said...

I like those handles...

OKGardners said...

Nice handles and they make you HAPPY! That is good.

We once had to replace 80+ handles in a home we owned and that was a BIG expense.

Betty in Oklahoma

Amy said...

I would love to have NEW handles all over our home! Truth is, I would just love a NEW home! LOL :)
Glad you are happier, they look nice.

** Did I miss your blog about how you met your husband??? I haven't seen it and was wondering where the "rest" of the story was? :)

Anonymous said...

I would save the old ones and if you ever move to another house you can put the old ones back on and take these beautiful ones with you for your new kitchen. I do love the new handles. Good choice.

Mommy Lion said...

It's amazing what small changes can do to makeover a space! Congrats on your new kitchen! ;o)

Valarie said...

I need to update the pulls in my bathrooms. We redid the rest of the house, but the bathrooms still have the same pulls for 14 years ago. They don't go with the house anymore at all.

Anonymous said...

It is funny how something small, like kitchen handles, or in my case, a brightly colored straw bag I use for the gym, can give you a little lift.