Tuesday, September 23, 2008

She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain

We are back from a weekend at our land! Yeah!

Although hurricane season has really dampened (sorry for the pun) my spirits about our land, progress was made. Due to a very wet August (in the South, "wet August" is an oxymoron) we have not been able to have the bulldozer guy work on our road. That means that we have to ride the 4-wheeler in the mile from our road to cabin/campsite. That does not sound too bad, right? Well, don't forget that we have to take in all our bags, camping equipment, oh, and let's not forget the kids. Plus, my in-laws along with a nephew who tagged along for this trip. We were glad they went with us and so were the chiggers who had a wide variety to choose from with our guests there. Needless to say, my MIL who is more of the spa kind of lady will not be going back until the cabin is built. You were quiet the trooper MiMi.

Big Buckaroo and my FIL were able to get everything ready for hunting season and we put stakes in the ground for the cabin. We staked out 2 locations that are very close to each other, but there are many factors that have to be addressed before we make the final decision, like which oak tree provides the maximum amount of shade in the summer, which place will face the old homesite best (where we will build an outdoor patio/kitchen where the fireplace remnants are), where the road will go (in front of or behind the cabin) etc.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. It is a bit overwhelming at times because I am one of those Norman Rockwell minded people. I want all our holidays to look like one of his paintings on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. So, every decision about the cabin has to fit into this mindset. Now, Big Buckaroo has much different, um, logical reasons for the actual decisions, but hey, I have to put in my Rockwell two cents here and there. Does it really matter where the solar panels are going or is it more important that where the table goes makes Thanksgiving Dinner evoke those old time feel good feelings? Well, alright, I am willing to compromise a little bit as long as we have power.

The Little Buckaroos amaze me at what troopers they are, they never complained about the bugs or riding in and out or the bugs, did I mention the bugs? It was a wonderful trip, but I was happy to be home in my own clean, bugless bed!

I have been pressured, I mean asked politely by a few of you to continue Big Buckaroo and my love story. So, watch over the next couple of days and you will get a brand new installment of The Park Wife and The Ranger. Get up to date if you are new around these parts here.

Until then,
The Park Wife


Lisa J said...

Oh don't you just HATE chiggers? I can take almost anything but them. So glad you were able to go spend some time with family and do a little more towards your future. AND don't forget while you are updating the love story to include some new pictures of Tonto!
Glad all is going well in your neck of the woods.

OKGardners said...

Goodie, goodie, goodie! You are BACK and the LOVE STORY will continue.

Hope you are getting less "chiggery" (is that a word?) and that the itching has stopped! I wonder why God made them? Hmmmmm ... oh, well, I'm sure there was a reason. :(

Hope everyone is happy and healthy.

Love, Betty in Oklahoma