Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Fun!

On Saturday morning, Big Buckaroo and I were talking over a cup of coffee about the bazillion things we needed to get done around the house and for our cabin/land in the mountains. So, we decided to prioritize, then looked at the list and said, "well, it is going to be a beautiful day, let's have a Fall party!"

So, we threw the task list down and started making party plans. All we needed was good food and good friends and we were ready!

From chili to kielbasa to steak and throw in some southern style beans, we had the makings of a proper fall party.
The kids all had a blast! They played and played and ate and played. Big Buckaroo even did his own version of Trunk or Treat/Mardi Gras by throwing candy out of the back of the truck for the kids.

Of course, we needed a bonfire to keep our hands warm and to cook smores on!

This is my dear friend, the Domestic Diva. She is one great lady (and I stress the word LADY). She is a kind, thoughtful, sincere, hilariously fun, Godly woman who I just love to be around.

This is the Domestic Diva's husband and youngest Domestic Diva in Training. She is blessed with a fantastic husband and they are training their girls so well, they are a pleasure to be around.

It was a great night and I think we will make this an annual event. I am so glad that the Lord has placed these wonderful people in our lives, He knows exactly what we need and has truly blessed me with these good friends.

Take the time to enjoy the season, plan a Fall party this weekend!
The Park Wife


pam said...

The table is so pretty :)

I love autumn! We had fun this weekend with friends also. It just feels all warm and fuzzy to spend a chilly evening with friends!

the queen diva said...

how fortunate we are for friends like you..and impromptu gatherings that seem like they took months to plan :) It was a huge success and we LOVED it. every minute. maybe next time we'll have ball gown pictures to share :)

OKGardners said...

Just got back from Tulsa and my High School Reunion. What fun we had! Also, had a family reunion (of sorts) with my older sister and her 3 grown children and their families. That was great, also.

This Fall Fun Party looks like a very good idea. Getting together with friends is ALWAYS a good idea. Bless You!

Betty in Oklahoma

Dawn said...

Impromtu parties are THE. BEST. Fun to host and fun to attend. Looks like everyone had so much fun!!!


Lisa J said...

Oh I love can plan a party in a matter of minutes and have a great turn out. What good friends you have in deed. Your friends bringing up the girls right and you bringing up the boys. What a beautiful compliment to one another, makes for good friendships!!!

m~ said...

Looks like fun. I'm impressed that you could pull off such an impressive impromptu get together.

Valarie said...

That looks like so much fun!!