Friday, October 24, 2008

Littlest Buckaroo

Littlest Buckaroo will turn 3 at the beginning of December and not only am I amazed at how fast the time is going by but I am just overwhelmed with what a cutie-patootie this kid is. I remember being pregnant with him and crying to Big Buckaroo one night because "I had no idea how I could love a child as much as I love Little Buckaroo." Many wise women around me told me not to worry because each of our children will be special and I would love them all. They were right!

I could eat this kid up he is so cute. His has a wonderful personality...he is funny, goofy, and smart, yet, he is extremely deep (well, as deep as a 2 1/2-year-old can be). His brother's personality is a lot like mine and he is so much like his dad. And, I love that because there is no man that walks on this Earth that I would rather him be like.

He thinks he is a big kid just like his brother (who he calls his best friend) and tries hard to keep up with him. Little Buckaroo is into hunting, so of course, he is all about it. He can tell you exactly how to pull the bow back and aim and how is going to "get dat deer". Oh, and he wears these boots everyday no matter what clothes he is wearing. Sometimes I just have to roll with it, pick my battles.
He makes us laugh often. His creativity and cleverness never ceases to amaze me. I have no idea why he thinks that his cowboy belt needs to go around his head, but I am sure he has some explanation that is perfectly sensible to him.

Here he is in his Inja outfit, no, I did not misspell that, he calls it his Inja outfit. Believe me, you don't want to get in his way while he is Inja-ing. This kid is tough!

These are his favorite overalls that he wears with his boots and a hat of course. When we are in town people always look me up and down because I think they assume he is an Amish or a Mennonite child. I guess they are offended by my Gap jeans.
This is a wonderful season in our lives and I know it will pass by too quickly. So, I am trying hard to stop and enjoy every minute. I am so thankful for the grace the Lord has shown in my life and that He has given me 3 wonderful guys to spend my life with.
The Park Wife


Lisa J said...

You are truly blessed. The best thing is to keep taking pictures of him and his cute little ways of life. The time will fly by and the pictures will mean so much to you.

Sage said...

He sure is a cutie! Thanks for sharing those adorable pictures with us. Yes, you have been blessed.

Mommy Lion said...

He sure is a cutie ~ just like his daddy! *smile* I cannot believe how fast time flies ~ it does not seem possible for three to be so close!

OKGardners said...

Each child is precious and special in their own way. God makes a mother's heart capable of loving more than one child... aren't we blessed by that!

Don't ever be embarrassed by "the looks" of other people. They should not be judging anyone... Just enjoy life and take a lot of pictures (like you are doing) - because you will have all these memories to remember forever.

You are a wonderful Mom, Dad and sons! Enjoy life!

Betty in Oklahoma

Charles Crampton said...

Ok, tell my nephew that if anyone picks on him about wearing cowboy boots EVERY DAY, he can call Uncle Charles and I'll come "talk" to them. Heck, I think I wore my boots every day 'til I was like twelve... and look at me now ;0)

Valarie said...

Those eyes! He is so cute, and he makes a very good Inja. :)