Saturday, September 4, 2010

Farm Meets the Fashion World

I have some fabulous boots, they are quiet FARM FLASHY as I wrote about here.

I do not subscribe to any magazines that are about fashion, unless you count Mary Janes Farm or Country Living, well, no you can't count those. I left my "gotta have the hippest, in-style wardrobe" life in my 20s. But, I do know that the fashion industry is undoubtedly a mirror of culture (I know, scary), so I was pleased (well as pleased as I can get about fashion these days) when I saw that food and farming had entered the psyche of Chanel and Ralph Lauren for their 2010 spring fashion lines.

Can you imagine being at that photo shoot? A bunch of hungry models playing in the hay, on tractors and in barns in designer clothing wishing for a big steak as they looked out in the field. However, it does validate what many in the sustainable food movement are calling a modern day farm revival. Oh, how I do love that!

Here is a photo from Ralph Lauren's Spring line

So, I guess that this year is not only the year that USDA rolled out their "Know Your Farmer" campaign, but it is also the year that shopping at Goodwill and dolling up "frugal and make do" can be fabulous. Who knows, maybe this fashion trend could influence people to slow down and get back to a simpler lifestyle that focuses on the condition of the heart where God, family, friends, and good, healthy local food are what matters.

The Park Wife
(who is not afraid to pair a sleeveless dress with cowboy boots, according to Kim Severson of the New York Times)


Anonymous said...

How true about getting back to simpler times!

I am doing fine (thanks for asking :>) a little down because we lost our farm mascot but time heals, right?

Thanks for stoppping by my blog~


Indie said...

Dont know why it showed me as anonymous...any how...its me above~