Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Holding on Baby!

Little Buckaroo has always been a kid that likes to hold on to things. His umbilical cord did not fall off after a few days like most babies. After 2 weeks, the doctor had to put some kind of nasty black stuff (I know, highly technical term) on it to make it come off.

This is Little Buckaroo after his dad had changed his diaper, I know, his onsie was snapped outside of his pants courtesy of his dad who then put his favorite blanket, known as ABCD because of the alphabet all over it, around him to be Supertoddler!

ABCD is still around almost 7 years later and has received an enormous amount of love. He will not let her go, another example of his devotion to something he loves.

This is ABCD now, I have patched her, re-sewn her, and now I have finally given up. I guess I don't have the fortitude Little Buckaroo does.

I have not really discouraged this personality trait because I do love that he is strong, determined, and devoted to something he loves. I pray that this is how his walk with the Lord will be.
I must say I was getting a little worried because he will be 7 soon and had not lost a tooth, but FINALLY it happened. Whew, I can let myself off the hook for all those chocolate donuts and Dr. Pepper's that I drank while pregnant, I did not stunt his growth or cause tooth development damage. Isn't it amazing the amount of guilt that mom's take on unnecessarily? I really have to stop Googling health information.
Yes, it fell out and he got a gold dollar for it. He knows there is not a Tooth Fairy but the child in him thought it was fun and woke up the next morning excited about the coin that his dad placed under his pillow. I am sure he will hold onto that coin until he retires.

I love this quirky, fun, exceptional boy who has grown into a wonderful kid that I am extremely proud of and love being around.

I told him to be careful because his face might stick like this, he didn't believe me and I told him to hold it like that while I got my camera. He did, of course because remember, the kid can hold onto anything.

Let me apologize now to his future wife for him being a pack-rat, keeping all his childhood treasures. I am sure there will be a tiny piece of material in there that was once ABCD, his favorite blanket.

Holding on,
The Park Wife

Friday, October 16, 2009

Cabin Raising

We have more progress on our small cabin on a mountain in the woods that we are calling Rockwell. The rock columns were complete, all the flooring done, so it was time for the cabin raising.

We are 6 days in (yes, I have camped the whole time, no make-up or flat iron, I am looking marvelous).

Here is what we have so far.

Wall number 1 going up.

Wall number 2!
Wall number 3!

Wall number 4, woo hoo!

Let's get ready for a roof! Yes, it has rained 4 of the 6 days we have been here. But, that has not stopped the guys.
Man, 17 feet is HIGH.

My incredible husband putting up the beams he hewed himself from our land.

Looking good honey!

Yep, looking real good.

Hopefully we will have the roof on by tomorrow.

Our Rockwell dream is becoming a reality. A place to make memories with our
boys and to pass on to them to enjoy with their children.

Loving life,
The Park Wife

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My First Contest! It's an UPLIFTING one!

My college roommate Olga, yes the one who did not build an ark nor did she leave New Orleans during Katrina, has a new business venture and she needs my bloggy readers help! Here's the kicker, she is going to reward you for your creativity. WOO HOO, my first contest.

First, let me tell you that Olga is the Queen of Lingerie, she has worked for some very well-known lingerie companies and is an expert at the fit and look of your unmentionables.

According to "experts," "industry studies" and "surveys," anywhere between 70% - 85% of women are treating their breasts badly, either shoving them into too-small cups or allowing them to float freely in a draping sling. UGH!

So, there is a big chance that if you have not been fit for a bra, you are wearing the wrong size!!! Olga's mission in life is to change that and I am her willing partner in crime that is going to get the word out.

Olga and a friend are starting a new business and need a name. It is along the same concept as Pampered Chef, Avon, Southern Living at Home, Thirty-One, etc. Someone has a party where a representative of company to be named by you comes in and fits each person with the CORRECT size bra and you will be able to buy high-quality, beautiful bras. So, let's get creative!

Here are some things to think about:
~It is a New Orleans based company
~It needs to be an elegant name, not cheesy like Boobs-R-Us
~It needs to be able to be pronounced by the average person (I know, what's average, if you can say it, then recommend it)
~Think beauty, romance, classy.

The person with the best entry will be rewarded with some beautiful (and expensive) lingerie courtesy of my sweet friend Olga. Please get the word out to all your bloggy friends.

I think this is a fabulous idea and am so very proud of her.

Don't get caught in a booby trap,
The Park Wife

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pioneer Woman Cooks!

If you have read my blog for a while, you know that I REALLY like The Pioneer Woman's blog. She was my blog inspiration and I even tried once for her to be my best blog friend, no luck, must be the other umpteen visitor's to her site that keeps her busy. I love how she writes (very witty and stream of consciousness), her extraordinarily beautiful photography and her down-to-earth personality that comes through on her blog. Plus, she is a homeschool mom!

Then, my friends, something happened. She posted a recipe on her blog that changed my world. Yes, that's right, I made her cinnamon rolls, followed by her lasagna, and then, oh mercy, her hot wangs (yes, I said wangs, you would too if you tasted these hot little chicks). I was hooked, her recipes are accompanied by numerous pictures that made it possible for even a Mississippi educated gal (no offensive Mississippi friends) to understand and actually cook successfully.

And, now....THIS!!!!!

Pioneer Woman Cooks will be released October 27 and is available for pre-order from:
Barnes & Noble

In addition, she and the family are going on a Griswold-style Book Tour. Of course, I am hitting the road to go to the one closest to me. For all of you other PW followers/mutual bloggy friends, are you planning on going to a book signing? Check out her site for a list of locations.

If you have no idea what to make for dinner tonight or want to make something extra special for that hunky park ranger, I mean husband or main squeeze in your life, check out Ree's Tasty Kitchen website, it's FABULOUS!

Going to make Penne a la Betsy, scrumptious!
The Park Wife

Monday, October 5, 2009

Flying the Jolly Roger

Yo Ho Ho, they are STILL into pirates. While I was in the barn working on windows for our cabin, I looked out to find the boys doing this.

I asked what they were building and was told "a pirate ship of course". Of course, what was I thinking?

We have been through dinosaurs, Peter Pan, David & Goliath, and many more phases, I am about ready for this pirate one to end. Any recommendations on what I could steer them toward next?

Then, because this is how our life is, they had to put on their pirate outfits. These kids are very creative and really get into whatever they are playing.

Abandon ship! They played outside ALL afternoon and had a blast.

And, I actually got some work done without having to get snacks, help build, find outfits, etc. As they get older, they are doing those things to take care of themselves and although I am sad they are growing so fast, it is nice. It was like Independence Day when Littlest Buckaroo learned to buckle himself in his car seat.

Who knows what I have in store today with these Buckaroos turned Buccaneers.

Swashbucklin, walking the plank, and loving my little treasures,
The Park Wife

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Who Needs Farmtown?

Last weekend, I planned to go with some friends on an overnight girl's get-a-way and believe me, I needed some getting away. Unfortunately, my snotty nose and a cough that sounded like a lung might explode at any time, held me back from going. I really did not think that the other ladies would like to listen to me blow my nose, snot too appetizing.

My incredible husband knew I was bummed (and not feeling well), so he said pack a bag, go to the nearest city (about half a hour away), get a hotel room, eat sushi, go see a movie and just relax. I obeyed, because I am so that kind of wife, and it was wonderful.

When I came home the next afternoon, I saw that the guys had built a rabbit house. The boys were so excited. I then reminded Big Buckaroo that even though we have Farmtown (I have no need to play it on Facebeook, I live it) around here, we do not even have a rabbit. He said he knew but Littlest Buckaroo really wanted one and we would make some calls and try to find one.

First place to investigate, 4-H friends. We lucked out (depending on who you ask) and found out that they were having a rabbit show at the Fair on Saturday. We went, we came home with a rabbit.

His dream came true, his very own rabbit. She has been named Muppet, Pet, Cottontail, and Bullet (from an unfortunate incident right when we got home where the dog chased her, very traumatic) so far and she has only been with us for a few hours.

I am sure he will call her a few more names before he settles on one. Hopefully it will be a female name. You may not have been around when Little Buckaroo had a baby pig named Tonto, cool name, but it was a girl.

She likes her new home that the boys built while I was out sleeping in and not cleaning up after anyone.

Welcome to Farmtown Muppet or whatever your name is. You will love it around here with the goats, horse, chickens, the crazy dog Lucky, and two little boys who will "love you and squeeze you and call you George".
Living at the crazy farm,
The Park Wife